It’s Just Difficult

I realize that when things go wrong (or they appear to), it is so much easier to stay in a bad mood.   You want to justify your mood and rant and rave about the injustice.  I get it; I have been there.  But here is a question:  do you stay mad because you want to or because it makes you feel good or you think you should?  Is your anger upsetting the situation or the person/people involved or just yourself and those around you?  Do you think others around you EXPECT you to be angry?   Ok several questions.  My point is, have you ever asked yourself truthfully why you get angry?

Usually anger is something learned.  We are born happy, jovial spiritual beings and we continue to be spiritual beings throughout our lives.  So why were we taught anger?  I suppose if we want to know what being “happy” means then we need to know what being “sad” means.   Something dies and we are sad….    or maybe we celebrate the life it had.  But we are creatures of opposites.  To know one thing, we need to understand the other; but we don’t have to live it!   We can choose to be happy or sad.   We can choose to be angry or not.  We can choose!

Next time you are angry about something, stop and ask yourself:  how is this anger benefiting me really?  Do you like to rant and rave because it makes you feel alive?  Or it makes you feel important?  Or maybe you feel that is what you are suppose to do.   What if someone told you that when another person does not behave the way you want them to (that is why you are getting angry – right?)  that you are suppose to smile?  Then you would be smiling right?   Well this is my point – well two points.

First, we are taught how to behave.   Now that you understand that, why not choose for yourself what you feel is right and beneficial to yourself?  As for me, I am NOT responsible for how others act and I refuse to allow their actions to control mine.

Second, we cannot control others so why do we get so mad when they don’t behave the way we want them too?   All of these are learned rules.  When was the last time you asked why?

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Just Believe

I may lose a few friends over this blog entry but it worked for me and for others before me. Many of us go to church and we have faith that God will help us and intervene; we pray and we believe our prayers.  Prayer is a very powerful thing and has cured many people over the years and continues to do so.   I am an advocate for prayer.   Yet, my prayers are also called “thoughts of gratitude” and I send then out to the Universe.  And I believe they will come true!

Whether I am sending out a thought thanking the Universe for saving a child or being grateful that someone gets through an operation, it is all the same to me:  it is my prayer, my gratitude to the Universe for listening to me.  In the same fashion, I thank the Universe for bringing me all the money I need to take care of things, to pay the bills, to give me food, to put gas in the car.  I thank the Universe for more money that I could ever use. Am I a millionaire?  No…. not yet…..   but I have food, a car that runs, a roof over my head, my bills paid and gas in the car.  At least for today.  And what more do I have but today?  And what more do I need?   The Universe is my security, not my bank account.

I  know many of you think, “But you don’t know my situation,” and I respond back, “You haven’t know mine either”.  But I do know one thing:  over the years when I would get “down” and troubled, things got worse for me.   But when I was grateful for what I did have, things always got better for me.  I have been homeless, I have gone without food and no miraculous person came and handed me $1000 with me thinking that I was doomed.   But when I started to smile and thank the Creator, the Universe, for all I had,  I got ideas and I started to move my energy and things got better.

So the point of all this is that when you feel down and overwhelmed,  stop!  Smile and tell the Universe how grateful and thankful you are and BELIEVE!  Your belief will take you far!!!   But don’t stop – or your bad thoughts will come right back.   In the end, the way I figure it:  you can be in your situation and be miserable OR you can be in your situation and be grateful.  The secret here is that the gratitude WILL make things be better.   Believe things will get better and they will.   Doubt your belief and the Universe will doubt with you.

If you are angry by now and saying, “No way.”  Then it isn’t time for you to understand the secret of the Universe:  that Like attracts Like; that gratitude and thanks attracts gifts from the Universe; that we are all energy working with each other.   Just ask, believe and you will receive if you are loving, thankful and grateful.  Just for now, try it and smile.

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But I can’t!

So many people lately have been telling me that this or that would work BUT……  But what???   Ok, so you have your vision board and there is this brand new car that you want but you keep telling yourself, “This will never happen.  I cannot afford it!”  Well keep telling yourself that and you NEVER will have it.  I realize that some of you feel that your vision board is merely dreams, but dreams DO come true, if you believe.  This is exactly how others have made their dreams come true; people like Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus books)  and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul books).  These people not only believed their dreams, they smelled their dreams, they tasted their dreams, their saw their dreams.  For example, when you are sitting visualizing your dreams, make sure you are sitting in the new car,  if that is your dream, and not merely looking at it.  Imagine your hands on the steering wheel and that new car smell.    Imagine yourself driving down the road to work or school or the store.  Then go and test drive a car; you will be surprised how quickly things happen when you believe.

Let’s take a real life example.  A while back I was trying to get a car for my daughter but was unable to get a car loan due to other loans I had.  I called and called and even went through used car dealers, but was always given a red light.  Then one day I was with her and said, “Let’s go to …..”.  To make this story short, she drove out in a 3 year beautiful car.   What was the difference?  The Universe told me it was time to get her a car.  I KNEW we were going to get her a car; I had no doubts.   Had my situation changed?  No.  Nothing had changed but my belief that my dream for her was going to come true .  I never doubted as we sat down and started the loan process that it would not happen.

You could say that it was just luck.  But I have a question:  would you prefer to be living your life thinking nothing will ever work or thinking and believing that all your dreams can come true?  I love being positive.  Now I am looking for a new car and I still have loans.  I love my car but soon it will be time for her to retire .  So as I drive around I look at cars and say to myself (well sometimes out loud) when I see a car I would like, ” I have the money for that car”.  Then I see another and say the same thing to myself.    I know that soon I will have a new car, but my Missy (car) will still be around because I love her!

My point is that you can give me all the reasons that a vision board will not work for you and I will then turn around and tell you all the reasons why it will if you believe!   I am not a millionaire (yet), but I am doing much better than I was before.   All because I worked the vision board!

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Vision Board 102

Wow time flies my awesome friends.  I got the truck off of me only to get a topsy-turvey tummy but all that meant was slow down when you eat and get some fresher food in you now that spring is here!  So all is good in my corner of the world.  And in yours?

How is your Vision Board coming?  By now I would hope that you have the major areas of your life demonstrated on your boards:  family, relationships, vehicles (transportation), home, location, health, career or work, finances and spirituality to name a few.   Next to each one, there should be an index card, or something similar, with your action steps to get there (at least 1 or 2 but no more than 3 to start out).  Too many action steps makes you start to think that you know HOW you will actually get to your destination.  For me the HOW is my journey which is so awesome because I am always aware looking here and there for possibilities with no exceptions except one:  it WILL happen!

Oh no!  I hear a few of you thinking:  but I am unsure what I want.  No worries.  Just put up what you think you want.  For example:  once I thought I wanted a relationship.  So I joined a few dating sites, went out on a bunch of dates,  and discovered that at that moment, I truly did not want to date.  Did I waste time?  No!  I learned a lot about dating sites, men, relationships,  and mostly, that I did not want to be in a relationship of that kind at that moment.  So, off it came from my vision board.  A Vision Board is your journey; not a destination.   On mine I have a photo of a dark street in the woods being illuminated by headlights.  The lights shine a few hundred feet ahead.  Do I want a dark street in my life? Not in the sense that you are all probably thinking, but we all have them in life in reality.  This photo reminds me that we only see so far ahead of us and that is what we need to concentrate on:  one step at a time will get us to your destination – have faith!

Remember my last blog:  Forget the How

Ask the Universe;

Believe the Universe will deliver;

and Receive it no matter how it comes by.

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Forgot the How

I do apologize for the delay is blogging this past week.  I was gone all weekend and life has been triple busy here – good but busy – and I presently feel like a truck ran over me and left the treads.  But that is all within an awesome day!   My topic today is Action Steps.  Yes, the title says:  Forgot the How and I will get to that.

Action Steps.  So many people put a photo up on a vision board and use all their mind and senses to imagine that result, but they forgot one thing:  the action to get there.  The old saying, “Change your Thoughts, Change your Life” is 100% true, as long as you answer the question:  Are you in Action?  with the answer yes!   So what are your action steps?  For example:  you want to date.   Well do you go to where people are looking for others to date? Can you join an on-line dating site or maybe attend activities such as church or dance lessons where you might meet people?   These are all great action steps.   I suggest you pick 2 or 3 and put them into action daily.  Once a month or once a week is not action, that is “I might do it when convenient”.  If all you are interested in is convenience, then you will get a convenient date once in a while.  But if you are looking, or think you are looking, for a long-term relationship, then daily work means daily action on the part of the Universe.  Put your entire five senses into what you want, how you want it, when you want it etc..   Then after a week or so, see how your steps are progressing.  Do not miss the little synchronicities such as the person who stops to compliment you on your outfit that day, or the gas attendant who helps you with a little extra help one day.   This is where you forget the HOW.

Your action steps may take you somewhere you are not expecting.  If you expect a certain result, then you are leaving behind tons of possibilities.  Once you truly put something out to the Universe, it is unknown how the Universe will respond.  So why the action steps? You are telling the Universe that you are serious and you are on a quest.

Ask the Universe;

Believe the Universe will deliver;

and Receive it no matter how it comes by.  

This is where the HOW is not important.  You do the steps and EXPECT an answer in any and all forms!  They will come.   Then after a few weeks, reassess your steps.  Are they working?   Do you want to change some due to things you have learned?   For example:  maybe you joined a dating site and said you would date anyone within 100 miles but you have discovered that in reality that is not feasible.  So change it to 25 miles.   Keep making action steps more and more precise and continue visualizing on a daily basis exactly what you want, how it should smell, how it will look like, etc..  The moment you start to think, that won’t work or there is no way I can do that….  give it up, delete that thought from your cellular biology and tell yourself:  I am here; all is good; I am safe – and if you aren’t – get out of that situation until you are.   At this moment all is good!

So get to the action steps and forget the HOW – keep all possibilities open!

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Vision Board 101

Ok – so now that you are all sure that I have forgotten my mission here – I am still here!  Yes, I did not blog for several days but not for lack of content – just the wrong timing.  I found myself the last several days being extremely occupied outside of the house and when I returned home, I did the essentials and then fell asleep only to awake at 2 AM with a blog idea.  I am not the type of person to get out of a warm bed into a chilly bedroom at 2 AM unless there is a very good reason.   And I knew you all would wait so I slept.   Now let’s get into Vision Boards.

As I mentioned before, people do vision boards in many ways.  They can be a cork board above your desk that you look at all day long.  Or some people prefer a journal book with separate pages for each area that they look at before they go to bed each night.   Find what works for you and go for it.  Vision boards are never static, but a process.  They change over time.  And the action steps change as well.  What I find can be the hardest step is starting.

For a vision board, people usually separate out the areas of their life into several areas:  family, relationships (not family), career, finances, health, spiritual, home, leisure activities, and self.  These are not set in stone – some people use more or less and different categories but here is a start.  Pick 1-3 areas to start with and write down how you would LIKE that area to be.  For example:  If you choose HOME.  What kind of home do you want to live in?  Where do you want it located?   Does it have a fire place, acreage, 3 bedrooms, etc.???  Don’t worry about color etc. for now, but the basics.  Then find on the internet or magazines or draw yourself a few pictures that correspond to what you want in your life and place them on the board under the title:  HOME.    Do this for as many areas as you want.

Next time we will chat about the action steps to get to these dreams.  If you have ideas you would like to add here, please comment below.  The more comments, the more ideas we will have.   And if you want to make sure you do not miss the next intervals, click the FOLLOW botton and the right and also please using the social media icons.  The more the merrier!

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What is your Passion?

Have you ever found yourself thinking:  if I JUST KNEW what I really wanted to do when I grow up, I would go off and do just that!  We look at people who always wanted to dance and they are great dancers.  Or we see people who always wanted to be a marine biologist and that is exactly what they are doing.  But some of us have tended to go with the flow of what life threw at us – or so we thought – and followed the “norm”.  We did little things that convinced ourselves that we WERE following our passion.  But something still lingers inside.  Our soul is still searching and our spirit yearns for more.

So I was contemplating these thoughts last night at 2 AM while, unknown to me, snow was falling:  a cute April Fools joke for sure.  And the answer came barreling into my head!   What did you do as a kid?   What you did as a kid is what you love.  As a young child we do want we want without feat and hesitation until we learn otherwise.   What if you were taught to be yourself and only yourself with no societal expectations?   What would you be doing today?

Some of you may be thinking:  I loved to climb trees but I just cannot do that today.  Maybe not.  But you CAN sit by a tree.  And what did you do when up that tree?  Imagine?   Look up to the heavens?  Watch the clouds?  Read?  You can still do these things at the bottom of a tree.  Oh so now I hear, but you don’t understand….   I have to do this and that.  I don’t have time to IMAGINE!  Too bad then – because I do!

When I take a shower, I imagine a waterfall flowing all around me.  And I hear the frogs croaking and the birds chirping.  When I am driving, I see the clouds forming into shapes and the sky conversing with me.  When I fall asleep, I hear the crickets outside and the rocks snoring….    so what do you do during these times?   Worry about yesterday?  Worry about tomorrow?  You can, but I choose to be in the moment and dream.  It takes no time out of my day and makes me smile and be grateful for all that I have.   I have more than many and less than many, but I have ME.  And as long as I have ME, I am alive!

Or, maybe you liked to write little poems or your thoughts or journals?  Well then write.  What is stopping you?  Maybe you loved creating jewelry?  So make jewelry!   Maybe you loved baking and cooking.  You get my drift.   Spend some time every day doing something that you love and you will begin to see that even the dreariest of days, are full of sunshine and passion!

So what is your passion?  What did you love to do when you were a kid?  Go with-in and remember and write them down for these are the things that will allow you to truly know what you want on YOUR vision board.