Have You Taken Inventory Lately?

So often we go through our days literally in a daze.  We think so many different thoughts but we never stop to take inventory of them.  What are the thoughts going through your head today?

Do you think?

  • Wow I am blessed today.
  • I bless the world.
  • I bless my breath.
  • I am thankful and grateful for waking up this morning.
  • I love the feel of my smile upon my face.
  • Thank you Universe for all you give me.

OR…..   do you have these thoughts going through your head?

  • Ugh – another day in the same old grind
  • I just cannot lose that weight – I look horrible.
  • What bad thing can happen today?

You get the idea.  I do not like to squander my thoughts on the negative nor my words in a blog.  The point here is:  what are  you putting out into the Universe?  Remember the Like attracts Like blog a week ago?   Click here

Well the Universe will give you exactly what you ask for.  You think your life is horrible:  if will give you horrible.  BUT….. try it out.

Read the first group of words and see how you feel and then read the second group of words.  How did feel with each?  I hear some of you saying:  it is all the same.  Now, read the first group of words with a smile on your face.  Ok – still some saying – no difference. So put some belief in it whether you believe it or not.    You will find that ultimately you feel better reading the first group of words than the second group of words.  The point here is that you can decide to be happy most of the day if you desire.  It really is up to you. I am not saying that there won’t be hassles in your life:  but you get to choose if you want those hassles to be dealt with with love OR if you want those hassles to ruin your day. Your life and your choice.  I choose Love and Light.  So have you taken Inventory today?

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What is in Your Medicine Cabinet?

This morning as I got up to wash my face, I realized something quite important in my life:  my medicine cabinet.  My first thought was:  why is it called a medicine cabinet and not a “make-up” cabinet or a “good morning” cabinet since that is where I keep my toothpaste and I open it every morning?  So I looked inside and took inventory:

  • peppermint oil
  • home made toothpaste
  • spearmint liniment gel for horses (works great on people too)
  • Vitamin E oil
  • Natural nerve pain lotion (thought I would give it a try)
  • Eye drops for this dry desert air
  • Band-aids

Then on to the conditioner for my hair and some lotion.  So far not too bad.  But I do have to add a few things that I rarely use any more:

  • Excedrin
  • Ibuprofen

Now you know a lot about me, right?  That is exactly my point!  The things you look at first thing in the morning could be defining who you are.

I am not a MD and I am not saying that you need to give up your prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs.  But what is your relationship to these things?  Do you wake up thinking to yourself:  here we go again, my 7 pills so I can function?  Or do you wake up and say:  How lucky I am that I have these pills to help me get through today and I will do a bit more exercise this afternoon and see how it goes.  I don’t plan to hurt as much as yesterday.

It truly is your choice how you think about your life.  I have experienced both ways and I can tell you that it is totally up to you how you want to think about your every moment. Amazing things can happen!  After 3 years of using a cane I changed my attitude, started meditating (meditation may not be what you think) and a month of attitude adjustment on my part with energy work, and I stopped using the cane.  I am now ready to start hiking this spring:  something I have always adored doing.  Adding dancing back on the list as well.  And even if you still take those 7 pills every day, or more, why not wake up with a smile!

Did you see my blog about the water molecules?  Here

So have you looked into your medicine cabinet lately?  Want to know more?  Follow my blog and email me for a free consultation at ariel2424@msn.com.  What do you have to lose?

Have a Blessed Day!

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But I Don’t Know How to Start…

How many of you have had a glimpse of your future and said to yourself, “Wow, I can do that…  long pause – ….  but I don’t know how to start.  First issue we have already run into is that you are giving yourself an excuse to NOT start by saying “BUT”.  The word “BUT” tells yourself that you can’t; that the future you want is just not available to you.  Why?

Now here come the excuses:

  • I am too old
  • I don’t know how to do a website
  • I just could never be that good
  • I am not good at blah blah, blah

Why not?  So you tried it before maybe or you just feel lost.  Remember that famous saying:  You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.  Well, you can only change your life one step at a time.  So let’s take that first step.  Oh no, now I hear:  but I don’t know what to do first?   My response:  ANYTHING!  Every movement is forward.

So, you need help with that first step?  Contact me and we will start that step together so you can be on your way to a happier, more fulfilled, abundant life!

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Remember there is no such thing as “Failure”, only learning what does and does not work.

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Are You Good at Manifesting?

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, manifest means:

  1.   readily perceived by the senses and especially by the sense of sight

  2.   easily understood or recognized by the mind :  obvious

I bet you are better at manifesting things than you believe.  The problem is that we are so conditioned to believe that we cannot manifest things that we do not believe that we can, or we do not perceive something as having been manifested by us.    For example:  have you ever said to yourself that you wished you just had some cash to do this or that but you keep looking in your wallet to the same three $1 bills?  But the morning you want to do that “something”, you discover a $10 bill folded up in your wallet in a different section?   Well you just manifested money!  I hear you now:  but it was always there, I just forgot. Maybe and maybe not, but that is not the point.  Why did it show up just then?  Why didn’t it take another 3-4 days to show up?   Because whatever you wanted it for, you wanted to do so strongly and for good reasons that you manifested it at that moment!

Or have you ever been driving to an event and realized that you were late and the only remaining parking spots were a football field away.  Yet you still decided to drive around looking for a spot and voila, there was one right at the front.  You did the action of looking for a parking spot along with the intent of really wanting a parking spot up close that you ended up manifesting it.  Again, I hear the moans of:  but I got lucky, someone was just leaving.  So what are the odds that this precise event would happen again? Unless of course you did the same thing with the same intent again? My point here is that you may call it luck, or being forgetful or whatever, but…… you readily saw what you were looking for and that is the definition of manifesting.   Therefore, you manifested it.   I think it is time for many of you to readjust your personal definition of manifesting.

Now let’s think for the future.  If you can manifest a $10 bill and a parking spot, why not try it on other areas of your life?   Maybe your love life or your financial portfolio need help.  Or maybe you would just like some more joy and happiness in your life and in the lives of those around you?   You need to know what you want, have the intent behind it and be filled with the love and light of the world.

Want to know more about how to manifest things in your life? Contact me at ariel2424@msn.com


Like Attracts Like

Ever really wonder what the term “Like attracts Like” or “Misery Loves Company” truly means?  We know that when we are upbeat and happy, a grouchy and angry person is not someone we want to be around.  But when we are angry and grouchy, only other miserable people come and commiserate with us.  And, when we are happy and joyous, other happy and joyous people seem to appear.  Most of us take this for granted.  But these terms have a much deeper significance.

Let’s take and example.   Have you ever had one of those days that it seems that everything goes wrong?   First, the kids used all the hot water before you got to the shower.  Second, your toaster was set higher than you thought and your toast burned.  Third, you managed to hit every red light on the way to work and ended up late.  And I bet every time that something like that happened, you said some nasty things under your breath and finally by the third event, you are saying, “What else could go wrong today?”  Well your words and thoughts determine your day.  By putting it out to the Universe, “What else could go wrong today?” you are literally asking the Universe to give you more of the same.  The Universe is doing exactly what you asked it to do:  showing you what else could go wrong!

But what if you said when the hot shower was cold, “Bless my kids for they are all clean today for school”?   I am thankful and grateful for that. And bless this toaster for actually toasting the toast where it is set.  Lastly, bless these red lights reminding me to stop and breath.  I am so thankful and grateful for that reminder.  Well instead of walking into work all upset and cursing under your breath, you walk in smiling and joyous and if anyone asks, you tell them the Universe was reminding you to slow down and breath.

OK, I hear some of you saying:  but you don’t know my boss!  I don’t have to, I know you.  You just gave me your first excuse:  BUT.    You are not responsible for your boss’s actions; you are responsible for yours.  An angry boss will have a more difficult time staying angry if he has to scold a truly joyous person.  Bless him as you walk away as well.
If simple changes in your thoughts and actions can change your day, imagine what different thoughts and actions regarding love and money could do for you.  For more information, purchase a chat session through my Etsy shop (web site coming soon): Here or email me at ariel2424@msn.com  for a free phone consultation.



So did you wake up with a smile today?

I hear some of you saying saying in your head. “Yesterday was horrible, so why should I be smiling today? Now I have to deal with this and that….”  My question is: “Are you dealing with this and that RIGHT now?”  If not why are you worrying about it?  Why are you destroying this moment when that action happened in the past?  Many of you are saying, “I need to think this out so everything works in a just fashion.”  And I will agree with that BUT……

I have discovered that if I go into the situation with a loving attitude, that everyone else tends to start thinking in a loving attitude and it all ends up falling into place without me fretting about it and making myself miserable.  I am not just saying think positive and it will work out in a positive fashion, but go into the situation truly loving life and all involved rather than storm in with YOUR agenda.  However, in the meantime SMILE!  Why are you ruining hours of your life due to one situation.  Unless of course you enjoy your misery.

My point is this:  When you wake up in the morning you are at one moment – the reason they call it the ‘present’ or the ‘now’.  Because in reality that IS all you have.   I choose to make that moment the BEST moment that it can be.  And then the next moment I will do the same..    and so on and so on.  When I have a moment that others are “pushing my buttons”, I ask myself, “Why am I feeling like this right now?  Why am I allowing it to upset me?”  Then I smile, bless all involved and go onto my next moment.  Once you continue that “anger” inside of you, you have given away your power.   My power is too precious to me to allow another to take it.

I am sure some of you are saying that I must have a pretty easy life.  The reality is I could call it quite difficult.  Many others do just that.  But for me, it is easy.    Why?  I keep my power, I do my best not to allow others to affect how I feel, I choose to be happy.  If you choose otherwise, ask yourself why?

So that is my reason for always waking up with a smile.



Waking up with a Smile – My Secret

I remember a boyfriend I had back in the 90’s.  He said the one thing he really liked about me was that I always woke up with a smile.   I contemplated that and thought, “Why not”?  I had never thought about waking up any other way.

Well it is almost 20 years since he made that comment and I decided to share my secret.   I wake up smiling because life is worth smiling about.    However, many people do not wake up with this attitude which totally amazes me.  I started to question why.  I wake up and I can breath and I marvel at it all.  Others wake up, I discovered, mad at God for this or that or mad at their spouse or their kids.  Often people wake up thinking, “Oh gosh darn – to put it nicely – I have to go back to work”.  I always loved me work and I loved making others at work happy and joyful.   When I didn’t, I quit and moved on.  I didn’t really understand all this until I took care of a gentleman who was the one who woke up angry. He was angry at God, he was angry at life….  that is just not me!

So what really is my secret?   Gratitude, Love and Light and Joy!

So if you haven’t started your action plan for 2016 yet, here are a few suggestions:

-Start a gratitude journal.  Every morning or night write down at least 3 things you are grateful for.   If you cannot think of 3, then you are not living.  Remember the little things during the day:  a kids smile, the eyes of your dog, the hot water coming from your shower….  there are always things to be grateful for.

-Bless your day.  All this does is make it a better day so, why not?  Bless your day, bless your bed, bless your clothes, bless your wallets ….  try it and see how you feel.  Do it with feeling and love.  (Later I will talk more about how to feel that Love, but for now smile and bless your life and things  and people in it).  Don’t you feel better already?

– Forgive those who have” irked” you .   But why you ask?   Because they are souls upon this Earth just like you and I.  Do you always show the world your best when things are going all wrong?  Or have you ever shown how awesome you are when life is falling apart?  You have no idea what is going on with that other person.  Forgive them in your consciousness and imagine them forgiving you.

Well choose 2 of these ideas to start and try then out for size.  You might just find you are smiling more.  Comment and let me know.

And remember:  Like attracts like.   No one who is happy likes to be around grouchy angry people all the time.

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