Are you in a Rut?

So many of us wake up each day and do the same thing we did yesterday.  This is not a bad thing UNLESS you are not enjoying it.  And yet you don’t change anything?  Why not?  As long as you do the same actions, you will get the same result.   This is obvious when we look at people who go and party on a Saturday night and end up with a hangover Sunday morning and we look at them and think: “What do they expect?” And yet you do the same thing.  You wake up every Monday morning thinking the same thing about having to go to work.  Or you stand in front of the mirror thinking you need to lose weight but never seem to be able to do so.  Or you want a relationship with someone, but you never go out and meet anyone.  All of these examples are people who get the same result because they are doing the same action that they always do:  they are doing nothing to change the outcome.

Now I hear many of you thinking:  but I try and exercise but I get bored or there is no time or it is too difficult.  Others are thinking, I work so hard there is no time to look for other types of jobs or to go to school to learn anything different and the excuses go on.  That is all they are.  The problem is that you do not realize that they are excuses.   Let’s take exercise for example:   So you are 10 pounds overweight .  You can:

  1.  Start a 30 minute exercise programs 3-5 times a week
  2.  Start running a mile daily
  3.  Begin a 5 minutes exercise routine in the morning (or evening).

Well of course, the 5 minutes just isn’t enough.  Right?   Wrong!  How long does your 30 minutes exercise programs 3 to 5 times a week last?  Or your running daily?  For most of you, not long enough.  But if you take 5 minutes daily and go through different stretching/pilates/yoga/exercise routines until you find some that you look forward to doing… you will find that most likely 3 months later, you are still doing them  Why?  Because it is not a long time out of your day and you are enjoying it!

So if you want some help in how to make better action steps to change your life and start to be happy, follow this blog by clicking on the black button of the right hand side of this page and check out my FB page here so we can also discuss some of the necessary qualities needed to really change your life.  You have them already inside of you.

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Meet and Greet Weekend @ Dream Big: 2/26/16

Dream Big, Dream Often

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It’s the Meet and Greet weekend at Dream Big!!  I cannot believe it is almost March, but as we all know time keeps marching on…pun intended!  lol

Ok so here are the rules:

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Now that all the rules have been clearly explained get out there and Meet n Greet…

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De-Cluttering Your In-Box

I decided not to blog yesterday because I was busy networking and following other bloggers to read their awesome thoughts.   I was so grateful to read about Networking 101 on blog sites and many awesome blogs about how to get followers to read the information I want to share.  I began following quite a few people so as not to miss anything in the future.  I am thrilled that there are so many of us wanting to help raise the vibration of the Universe that I was beyond ecstatic!  That is UNTIL I got to my emails….  it was loaded with emails telling me that someone had posted this or that.  Ugh.  So I went into my site and searched how to follow a blog without getting the emails.  I am still looking.  But that made me make a decision.  I am going to help you all de-clutter your in-boxes.

Rather than blogging everyday, and I have a big enough mouth to do that, I am going to blog twice a week.  So I am asking my blog readers, what would be the best time and days for you all to receive blogs.  That way I can determine a schedule when you are most likely going to see it and read them without cluttering up your in-boxes.  Also, I would love to know if there are topics that you would like to know more about.  So, comment below or I will have to make up my own mind for you all, and please go back and pick out your favorite blogs and share so others can get this information as well.

Thank you all.  And if any of you are wanting to be ready for St. Patricks Day, Baseball Sundays, Easter, Mother’s Day etc…   order your cakepops now!  Just click here.

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Are You A Worry Wort?

We all have worries:  will my kids be Ok growing up?  Will the bus get me to work on time?  Can I pay my bills this month?  But what made these into worries rather than action steps?  Where is your energy focused?

Let’s take finances since everyone seems to stress about those lately; are you Person A or Person B?

Person A:  I know my bills and I know how much I make in a month and it is not enough. Ugh.  What will I do?  If I cannot pay my rent, then  I will have to move out.  But where will I go?  I just cannot handle this.  I cannot go there, or there or there….  but I need to start looking for a cheaper place to rent.  What if I cannot find one?   What if I cannot pay for gas for my car since the cheaper places are further away.  Ugh.  I give up – oh no – I will be late for work – I better hurry; what if they fire me!?

Person B: I know my bills and I know how much I make in a month and it is not enough.  I better create some action steps.  Let’s see:  I can look on line to see if there are any small PT jobs that I can fit into my schedule?  Or maybe I could sell a few of my things for now while I find some additional income?  Maybe I need to make more connections with people around here?  I know I can do this:  I think I will quiet my mind and  go with-in and see what my intuition tells me.  Ok – got it.  As soon as I get home, I will start taking some action steps but right now time for work and I cannot wait to make everyone there smile because today is another awesome day!

Which person you are will  indicate to me where your energies lie as well as your physical health.  Worry worts tend to have more sleep problems because they worry  rather than let their day go and sleep; except by focusing your dreams to find solutions, you cannot do anything regarding the situation while you sleep.  Worry worts tend to have more aches and pains because when we worry, we hold in tension.   Stomach issues are caused by worry since we create more acid internally when under stress.  I am not a MD and I am not saying that some of you don’t have legitimate medical issues but I am saying do not dwell on them.  Take care of them as best as possible and smile!  Just smiling alone can raise your vibrational energy to a more loving vibration in this world and make you feel better about yourself.

Many of you might be saying to yourself:  she has never had it as hard as I have?  She doesn’t get it?  Maybe I don’t, but I know what it is like to sleep in my car with my kitty cat since I had no home at the time.   I know what it is like to not be able to pay my rent.  I know what it is like to not have money for gas for my car or food to eat.  I know what it is like to say to others that all I have is my smile to share.  I know what it  feels like to hit rock bottom!  But I still had my smile and I used that to remember that we are light beings in this Universe.  I focused on future energies rather than past energies.  I stopped the negative “what if’s” and started focusing on the positive “what ifs”.  What if I met the perfect person to help me out of this mess?  What if I looked in the paper and found the perfect job for me that made more money?   I made action steps and I stopped thinking: “Poor me!”  I began creating my future.  No matter what your situation is in life, you have a choice:  will you be Person A or Person B?  And if you start your sentence with the word BUT….   then you have not hit your rock bottom yet.

If you want to hit your rock bottom quicker so you can begin to change now, read my previous blog “What is Your Rock Bottom?” here

Interested in how to get a session with me?  Check it out:   here or email me at   Free consultations available.

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My Story –

I have so many ideas to blog on but first I thought I would share part of my story and why I believe in what I do to the point of almost giving away the knowledge that has helped me so I can help others to be the best that they can be.  I have been a perpetual student much of my life:  BA in Medical Sociology, a 5th year of college to obtain a teaching credential in California, MA in Psychology, alcohol & drug counseling certificate in California, mental health and alcohol / drug licenses in New Mexico, Hypnotherapist, Ordained Minister with a Certificate in Spiritual Awakening Counseling , PhD in the Paranormal (Parapsychic Science) and life experiences.   I studied massage, polarity therapy, numerology, astrology, crystals, chakras, tarot and the list goes on.   I went to 12-step meetings for childhood issues, personal counseling, psychics, doctors, psychiatrists and even went to Santago Chili for a month as a non-visitor to study the Humanist Party there and much more…   but all I discovered was that I was an empath which I already knew.   And on top of it all, no medication could take that away from me.  Though I recommend that if you are an empath or highly sensitive, you do to allow anyone to take that away from you but rather learn how to make it work for you rather than against you.

You see, I was born an awakened empath.  I say “awakened”  since we all have those senses within us, but most people’s are still dormant.  Due to that, I strove to discover how to make sense of all that I felt inside, all that I saw and all that I knew in my heart and soul because the world around me made no sense and when I asked about it, I was told: get over it, it’s no big deal, it is just your imagination.  So for years I thought I had an awesome imagination!  Now I know I do but not in the terms that others were attempting to project onto me.   Today, I am an empath who also has a vivid imagination that becomes her reality.

This blog is not about being an empath per se, though if you are unaware of the term, “Being an empath is when you are affected by other people’s energies, and have an innate ability to intuitively feel and perceive others. Your life is unconsciously influenced by others’ desires, wishes, thoughts, and moods. Being an empath is much more than being highly sensitive and it’s not just limited to emotions.”  This definition might, however, help you to understand why I am a good counselor / life coach and how I know how to help you the best possible.

So how does this all fit in with what I offer to you? The answer is two-fold.

First, even though I had studied all that I mentioned above, something was missing.  Somewhere I had not put the dots together until I finally stumbled across cellular biology and energy healing.  I am not speaking of Reiki or Chakra Balancing etc, though these are awesome treatments to help you along with this process and I highly recommend them.  I am rather discussing the delving into the beliefs that you hold within your biology that you are not even aware of.  Once we can discover these beliefs together and delete them from your cellular biology, awesome things begin to happen for you.

Second, not only do you begin to truly create your own life when these hidden beliefs are deleted, but it begins to affect your health as well.  Prior to using these methods of healing, I was stuck in a rut of society’s definitions of me and walking with a cane due to a rock falling on my foot and resulting in permanent nerve damage.  Within a few weeks, I was manifesting small things like parking places and $1 bills into my life.  Within 6 weeks, I no longer used the cane and was running a little with my dog with no pain medication.  Within 7 weeks, things were being manifested so quickly in my life that I was having a hard time keeping up.  And today, as I continue to live the life I create, I am happy and healthy.  If I have a moment of frustration, I immediately delete it from my biology and proceed to ask the Universe what do I need to do to change it.

As a note, I am not recommending that you stop your medications without consulting with a doctor, but that you are mindful of what you take and for what.

Now that you know a bit about me and why I do what I do, I hope that you check into my FaceBook Business page and LIKE:  here.  And consider checking into my 6 week course to start changing your life through deleting your cellular biology:  here.

Upcoming blogs:

  1.  What worry does to your biology.
  2.  How the status quo keeps you stuck.
  3.  What miracles really are.
  4.  And much more….

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Dare you to Read this to the End?

In my last blog I presented a 6 week course to change your life.  And some of you are asking yourselves:  Why choose this course over another course?   And why spend money to better myself?  I can do that by myself.  And I have several answers, but may not be what you expect.

First, why spend money on anything if you can do it yourself?  There is no reason to unless:  you need more knowledge to change the course of your life, you are tired of your same old patterns over and over again with nothing happening with all you have been trying or maybe you are just fed up with being fed up and need a change.   My question to you is:  if you have been doing all you can to change the “bad” in your life and nothing has helped, then why not give something different a try?   It is proven”  same action, same result.

Now there are also a few asking themselves, why is this course less expensive or more expensive than others?  Good question.  Putting a price on information sharing can be difficult, but in reality it is no different than anything else.  Also putting a price on doing something you love can cause internal questions to arise for many, such as am I really worth it, can I really do this, etc..  I love what I do since I am helping others and giving them awesome information that can transform lives, but that does not mean that I should not get compensated for it. Money is a barter system.  I give you fresh eggs and you give me fresh bread.  I give you information and you give me money.  Same thing.  Other reasons prices may be vary are:  we all need different amounts of barter to survive in this Universe.  Depending where one lives, the cost of living is higher or lower than the average.  Some people have high overheads to business’, some have less.   For me, it is who you resonant with that is important.

So why my course?  No reason.  Take any course, but take something.  There are many courses out there that you can choose from.  The reason for this is because there are many people needing and searching for this information.  As I mentioned above, who do you resonate with?  And why do I offer this course?  Simple.  As I mentioned above, I love higher vibrations in my life and I want to help raise the vibrational energy of this Universe so we are all living in Love rather than the lower vibrations of Shame and Guilt.

This course is not a seminar where you have to travel; you can take it from the convenience of your own home.  It is also not a course where you get a certificate saying you finished something that many of you then file away in your cabinet (though certificate courses are awesome and I suggest you take them as well if you are interested).  This is a course where you have weekly one-on-one phone sessions with myself that are personalized to YOUR needs and no one else’s, plus email communication as often as you need.

Have you dared to read this far?  Good for you since there is valuable information in this blog by itself and it is free!  So, I will leave you with this question?  Is it profitable for you to take an affordable class (there are three different payment plans and prices will go up every season due to inflation and demand) that will change your old patterns into newer, higher vibrational patterns causing you to be happier, healthier and more abundant?

So what are you waiting for, only 3 spots left for this season at this price.  Check out my 6 week course: Here .

Still not sure?  Check out reviews here.

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