More Rambling Thoughts

More times than not, my rambling thoughts are more interesting than the planned blogs. I took at step outside today and brrrrrr…    it felt cold.  Sun was shining and I have become spoiled by the unseasonable warmer weather that we had been blessed with earlier in the month.  My walk was cancelled once again due to the desire to NOT bundle up.  Oh silly me; what inconvenience.  And so I laughed.  I still decided not to take a walk but instead I turned on the music and danced hard.  For 5 whole minutes I swayed and I stomped and moved as if I were 16 (or so I told myself) but I moved to the INNER me!  After the song was over and I was breathing hard, I made a vow to myself that I would continue to dance and walk and more – all that I adore – and hope my breathing gets easier.  Dance is in my blood and I no longer care what others think.  At almost 60 years old, I will dance and I will move and do what I love because I LOVE being the Best Me that that ME can be!

The point here is that we have so many ‘societal’ thoughts in our brain that we give up who we are often.    So never forget to quiet your mind and go with-in and remember who you truly are.


Now I know I said I would mention vision boards, so here I go to those who are sitting at the edge of their seats for this.  Actually, I truly hope you are.   Vision boards are the beginning of our action steps.  You can start with one area on your life or more; the important thing is that you start.  There are many ways to create and make your own personal vision board, so here goes.  This is my way:

  1.  Think of ONE area in your life that you would like to change:  relationships, finances, employment, housing, transportation etc…  I am sure there are more than one but if you get ONE down correctly – and find your best way to proceed – then the rest will come easily.
  2.  Think of where you would like that area of your life to be in 3 years.  Find pictures of it.  For example, if you say finances:  how much would you like to be making a month?  Find a picture of that amount or create your own image with a checkbook and the final deposit amount at the end of the month stating the amount you chose.  Make sure that YOUR name is in the “Transaction Description”.

This is a start – next VISION Blog, I will expand.  By then you should have the idea of what is the first thing you want to work on and EXACTLY where you want to be in 3 years.  It is not important if you change your mind later or unsure where to start; just start.    remember every movement is forward.

I would love comments regarding vision boards below:  what works for you and what doesn’t.  I plan to go step by step since that is how I learn the best.

I hesitate putting an example of a vision board below, but I will.  The reason is that we all do things differently.  Go with YOUR intuition; not someone else’s.  If you need help with this, email me at and get a free consultation on how to beset proceed with your vision board and your life.

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Thoughts of a Leaf

My mind was meandering through the meadows today as it looked up and saw a leaf; then started to chat:

Mind:  Spring is coming and you are turning green and oh so beautiful.

Leaf:  It has been a rough winter without enough snow and my veins are having trouble to grow.  But I see the sun above and hear the birds chirp so I am hopeful and at peace.

Mind:  Do you have any concerns?

Leaf:  The winds have been bad and trying to rip me apart while I hold so strongly to my twig.  I am unsure that I can continue with my brothers and sisters to hold on much longer in this drought and storms.

Mind:   Oh my, my leaf friend….. I never imagined that it could be so difficult being a leaf…  (But my leaf friend stopped me and responded thus):

Leaf:  No worries “Mind”, you asked me my concerns but the Universe always provides.  So if I stay or if I go, my journey is perfect always.  I go where I am needed and do as I must for my desire is only to serve.   It is in this fashion, that I am always ME and do the best that I can.  The Universe works in precision with all, so no worries I have in my life.  If we all just understood this simple fact:  Like attracts Like so I love and receive love and LOVE is given to the world.  So simple, so pure, so absolutely perfect – that is the life of a leaf.

PS – Have not forgotten about the vision boards.

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Where are you Going?

I find myself once again sitting here at the computer thinking, What do I write?   Throughout the day I come up with hundreds of blog ideas but when it comes down to write, I think:  what do the readers want to hear?  What is it that people want to know about and learn about?   Well of course!  How to have a better life?   But the answer is simple: do what you enjoy!  So let me proceed…..

I realize that many of you are thinking:  But I need to pay the mortgage and I have to do this and that…   Ok.  True.  But when you are not doing this and that, what ARE you doing? Are you doing the “Have To’s” and “I should’s”?   Or are you doing the “I love doing this”  and “I dream of doing this full-time”?     I surely hope the last ones!  The more you do the “I love doing this!” stuff, the more that will become what you do.   But if you feel every morning that you HAVE TO and you MUST…   than that will become your life.

So who am I to talk?   I could sit here every day and think:  I  HAVE TO list my items on Etsy and I HAVE to make extra money to pay for this and that which is basically true. Or I could and CAN think WOW, I love doing this to make the money I need and it is so awesome that I always have the money I need….   I have vision boards and dreams and KNOW those dreams will come true since all my dreams always have…..  vision boards are an on-going thing.  They don’t stop because you achieved one vision – there are always more.  And there is creative visualization to make those dreams reality.    You truly are the creator of your Universe.  YOU just need to have the tools.  So stay tuned and in the next blog I will reveal what some of these tools are for free.  So do not forget to click the FOLLOW botton so you never miss any of the blogs for your future awesome self!

Next blog:  How to truly use a vision board.

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What Are You Good At?

Hoping you all had an awesome weekend and those who celebrated Easter – a great Easter weekend as well.  Spring is springing though many of us are going from warm and back to chilly days, thinking:  Boy I wish it would STAY warm!  Spring is part of life and just as spring changes, so do we……    But we have more to say about our lives than we do about the weather.  Really!

Are you feeling that not everything is going your way?  That you want things to be different?  Here is a small reminder to you:  Like Attracts Like.  Have you ever tried truly smiling while you are very very very upset with someone? It just doesn’t work!  The reason it doesn’t work is because when you smile, you are bringing happy energy into you and anger is not happy.  So next time you feel angry, why not smile?  You will quickly realize that your body prefers the happy energy of the smile to the dark angry energy.  Our physical bodies are made up of mainly water which Dr. Emoto proved responds to energy:  Check out this blog.   But weather you believe that or not, our soul is made up of light energy:  we are energetic beings and just like magnets, we attract what we think?  This is the reason why I start my day off with a smile and giving thanks.

I hear some of you saying:  but you don’t know MY life?  It doesn’t matter what I know about your life; what matters is what you do!  Just try it out tomorrow:  as you open your eyes, smile wide and with all your heart and soul tell the Universe ‘thank you’ for an awesome life and believe it!!!  Then every time throughout the day when you feel this dark energy creeping up, smile and thank the Universe again for all you have.  Believe what you say and see if you feel any differently.  If you truly want to feel miserable, you are welcome to but please don’t come around me because my happy energy might just rub off on you

If you are truly interested in learning how to change your life TODAY, then check out my individual coaching sessions that are geared to your specific condition here or my course in “Who is Living your Life?” here.   And if you are 100% committed to “Being the Best You that You can Be” today, click here now to reserve your spot for the next course starting April 1st!  Only 4 spots left.  And don’t forget to hit that FOLLOW bottom so you do not lose out on a single blog.

So why did I title this blog:  What are you Good at?  Because if you do what you are good at in life and love doing, then you will attract more of that:  love.   Drop all the rest that you can, and comment below how your day of smiling went.

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So often we feel as if there is nothing to celebrate; everything is going wrong you say.  Well I disagree.   Are you breathing?   That is enough to celebrate!

So often when the world seems to be crashing down around me, I stop and look upward to the sky and say “Thank You!”  Thank you that I still know that the Universe provides. Thank you that I woke up today so I can have another day to make this world a better place.  Thank you for reminding me that all I have to do is think of what I want and it will happen as long as I do my action steps.  Like attracts like.  It is just the truth.  If I worry, I get worry.   If I fret, I get more fretting back.  But if I smile and keep looking forward; the world looks brighter, I am happier and the world around me shines!  So when do I celebrate?  Every day!  Everyday I wake up and sit up as I look up toward the heavens and say: Thank you!

And there are many more times to celebrate.  I make action steps for all areas of my life. For example:  let’s say I want to learn about essential oils.  So my first three action steps are:

  1.  Go to a class to learn the basics.
  2.  Study on line what different oils are used for.
  3.  Decide the oils I want to try first.

I only make three so that I do not get overwhelmed.  When I complete #3, guess what I do? YUP!  I celebrate!!!!  And then I make three more, such as:
1. Research where I can get the oils and the cost.

2.  Decide where I will purchase them and how much it will cost.

3.  Come up with a plan to make the money.

You get the idea (and some day I will figure out the spacing on this blog!)

So in order to get you to start CELEBRATING….  Here is a free CELEBRATE download for you.  Right click on the image and click SAVE AS and you are on your way!  Also get on my email list and FOLLOW so you never miss out of all the awesome tidbits and bonus freebies!

Like what you see?  Check out my inspirational paintings, meditations and courses so you can the the Be You that You can Be  Right Here!


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Be “Still” in the Moment

Just some thoughts in my mind today:

As morning begins, my eyes pop open.

Feet find the floor; where is my coffee? 

Your brain starts to buzz with do-lists and got to’s.

Outside is bustling; darn, where is my coffee? 

The shower beckons, clothes all ready.

Twenty more minutes and I’m out the door.

Coffee in hand, keys in the other.

Ignition now on as I buzz past the statutes.

They stand so tall, so still, so silent

watching me pass by as I gaze behind.

Today I stop, coffee still in hand

thanking for their reminder to slow down my day.

My mind calms, I go within:  

I am grateful and thankful to these stones of old

as I quiet my mind to be “still” in the moment.  

rocks of Oregon

Vallee Rose 2016 – all rights reserved




Live and Learn

These three words mean more than I care to acknowledge right now.  I was attempting to retweet my blogs and instead it sent it out here 3x as well – so sorry about that all you awesome followers.  But live and learn means a lot more than that.  Every moment we are learning and adjusting.  Living in the moment means just that.  Often people say to me:  well what about in a year?  A year from now is important but please don’t forget the journey.   What you decide tonight can alter the future.

Do you have a vision board?  A board that has pictures of where you want to be in a year or 3 years?   Your future?   Every thought you have today will determine your tomorrow.   I love doing tarot readings and explaining to people that life is energy and if you put your energy in a certain direction, that is exactly where your energy will go and the results you will  see.   Life is truly about attracting what you want.  You were born into this word knowing LOVE and you have learned all the rest – what you should believe, what you need to believe… who says?  This is your world and your life so make your own rules and you will be surprised how many people end up wanting to know your secret:  that like attracts like.

Every time that you live and make a decision, you learn if it works or not…  so never stop living and learning for once you do, you are no longer here – make the most of it.

As for me, my technology visions are not that good.   Therefore I envision a  techno-geek coming to assist me!