Never Give Up

Have you ever seen a young child give up trying to walk because he fell down too many times?    And how many is TOO many?   A young child is determined to walk no matter what.  You can go faster than crawling; you stand with more confidence; you can see further and you get out of the crib.  Young children are determined!  So what happens as we grow older?

Many times as children, we have a dream.   But a parent, or a teacher or someone says, “It cannot be done”  or  “You aren’t smart enough” or something for us to put the dream away forever.  Luckily some kids never grow up and refuse to listen to their elders!   These are the people who have gotten us to the moon and created the electric light.   They were determined.  They knew that if they could IMAGINE something, that it could be done.   And they did it!

Unfortunately you do not hear about many of these people because society wants you to think differently.  In reality, the rockets that have gone to outer space lately were NOT  created by NASA but an individual’s idea that NASA now uses.  And there are people who have founded medical organizations that can help people live to be 100+.  If someone can live to be 100, they can live to be 1000 or forever.    You might think this is far-fetched, but why?

Years ago, we did not have the medical technology to do all that we do today.  People were born and they died around the age of 30.    Then a few decades later, the life span changed to the 60’s, and then the 70’s and now the 80’s and 90’s.    So why not forever?  The point here is that old “ideas” are now no longer the truth.   But we continue to believe that we will be born and we will die because our parents did and their parents before them.  Why are we living in the past rather than the NOW where medicine has progressed to the point where prosthesis look real and act real?    Where many diseases no longer exist?

If you are in your 50’s or older, you will remember telephones hooked to walls and no answering machines.  Today with the touch of a button, you are in contact with the entire world!  And then 100 years ago, most people still didn’t own their own vehicles.  Now families have 3 or 4 or more!    And they can go over 100 miles per hour.   There are jets and rockets and we have been on the moon!

Myself, I remember when a computer was just a thought.  And then they took up a whole building.  Next came the PC (personal computer).  Now we all have phones that connect to the internet.   And why?  All because someone refused to give up!

So if you have an idea or just want a better life: don’t give up!  Change your habits, change your beliefs to ones that are pertinent today.  Every day IS a new day and every moment is a new moment.   Create a clean slate with every breath you take and start creating your new life!    Don’t merely believe something because someone tells you.  Question everything and make up your own mind.

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Those “Down” Days

It seems that so many of us are going through “rough” times right now.  I have not written for a week because life was beginning to take over.  So what do we do in these times?  Here are a list of great possibilities:

If what you are doing is not working, you must change what you are doing.

Talk to others (those who want to hear) what you need to remind yourself:  be positive, that life is all about thoughts and energy.  Talk to yourself if no one is around.  Give yourself a classroom lecture – hehe- but does help!

Listen to motivating webinars or talks.

Redo your vision board.

Create new action steps.

Be grateful with what is working in your life.

There are many things you can do to “jump start” your life again.  But in any case, don’t go into the depressive, pity me mode since that will never help!  Remember we can change our thoughts with just wanting to.  We CHOOSE whether we want to be happy or not despite the situation.   Granted if we are in pain, that happiness might look a bit different. BUT…. in any case, how we respond is our choice!  Just look at the writings of Anne Frank.

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.

Whoever is happy will make others happy too.

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Action Steps

Boy does time fly.  Thought I wrote a few days ago and was almost a week ago.  This is a great reason why we need to write down our action steps.    When we keep things in our heads, we lose track of time.  Also, action steps keep you focused, on time with your ‘journey’ and helps you to quickly get to where you are going.  How many times have you said to yourself, “I will do this and that today,” and end up going to bed at night remembering that you forgot to do half of it?  Whether you told yourself throughout the day, “I’ll get to that later” or “I will do that after I finish this…..” , you will find that a whole week has gone by and you really are no further on your path than you were the week before.   Why?  Because you didn’t write down the action steps and check back.  Yes, checking whether you did something or not is just as important.

Obviously there are some days that unexpected things happen, but overall you can always get something done that you wanted to do that is not part of your regular, normal routine.  Why do we do this?   Because we are always trying to better ourselves through our journeys.   For most, the ultimate goal is enlightenment and so many times people believe that they are close.  I usually laugh because we are creatures of habit and security.  The only habit that an enlightened person has is to believe that the Universe will give them all that they need.   Give me a few moments and I will probably come up with rules and regulations that you live by without you even realizing it.  So make action steps and checking them a new habit!

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Do It Your way

How many times have you listened to an awesome Webinar about abundance or a better life and the speaker says to do this or that but it just doesn’t sit well with you ?    For example, I have listened to some people who say that if you wake up at 6 AM that you should just jump out of bed and get going to do all the things that you need to do that day to get to your “awesomeness”.   If you are the type of person who lays in bed doing nothing, well yes!   But for me, I need my sleep….   at least right now.  However, that does NOT mean that I stay in bed doing nothing or that if I wake up at 6 AM with an idea, that I don’t get up and start working on it.  What it means for me is that I KNOW that once I am awake, I am up and going full force all day long.

My point here is that there are hundreds plus of webinars because there are hundreds plus of different types of people.  They are mostly all awesome webinars with fantastic information and they are meant to be listened to and for you to figure out what works for you.   I am not saying that you can pick and choose which concepts you want to believe, for there is only one Universal Truth in this world:  that we are all energy and when it comes to energy:  Like attracts Like.  However, how that manifests in your life, is up to you.

One word that I caution you using, is the word BUT.  Every time that word enters your mind you are giving yourself an excuse not to do something.  You can choose to do one thing or another, but it is a choice.  If you follow a rule, then it is your choice to follow it.  No one is making you do so.   You might say, BUT if I don’t do that then my family with get mad.  That could be true:  but it is still your choice.

Life is a choice.  We must know the rules before we can begin to change them.  If you need help with this, please message me at or check out my life coach sessions  here.

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