Moment’s Joy

Wrote this a while back to remind people to live in the moment and enjoy every moment!


Use your good china for breakfast;
your obituary is written the following day.
Enjoy good wine – drink slow and sing;
the tombstone is carved next week.
Love the world – walk among the trees
on a Tuesday;
just because.
Funeral tomorrow at 10.

Copyright Vallee Rose 2016



The wind blows in circles
twisting and turning to the rhythm of the music
inside, outside, within.

Breezes gently touching the soul
answering asked questions
subtly, gently until
the Soul screams and invokes

the change

causing the gusts of the storm
to open the gatewayin preparation
of the Transformation.

Copyright Vallee Rose 2016


Last Night’s Rain

Pebbles illuminating
last night’s rain.
Purples and shades of yellow
stretching their blossoms
to greet the
morning sun.
Iridescent greens
blanketing the landscape
inviting bare toes
to come and play;
reminding us of the joy;
recalling days of innocence;
recognizing our separation
from love,
and placing us back into

Copy right Vallee Rose 2016

rain: Green sprouts in the rain

Stones of YesterYear

Watching the stream caress the stones below,

my mind wanders to the yesteryears of my memories.

Ears perk up to the songs of old,

dances of those who came before us.

Water gurgles, sand moves as if to show us

the movement of time.

However slow, a stone moves an inch a month

but movement prevails.

The stones remember; the water sings

but do our ears truly hear

the mysteries of the songs of those who danced before us?

Do we hear their wisdom?

Do we walk in their footsteps?

Or do we ignore the wisdom of the wise ones

and listen only to the chatter in our own heads?

All Rights Reserved Vallee Rose 2016


How do you define Quiet Time?

Some weeks I think about blogging several times a day, but I find that I either have too much to say or not enough.   The reality is that the busier my life becomes, the more quiet time (QT) that I need. Some people call this their meditation time and I do believe that it is essential to start and end your day with some type of meditation, or quiet time.  I also find it essential that if one is not going to get caught up in their own “stuff”, that this slowing down is critical.  If we just stop and LISTEN, we can become so wise quickly and answers to challenges fall into place.

There are many ways to meditate or have QT, and in my opinion, the right way is the way that works for you!  That is simply that.  However, I do find certain components can be beneficial. Do you include the following?

– Compassion for everyone and everything?  –

– Gratitude for all that you do have in your life?

– Forgiveness to and from others?

– Requests/Prayers to the Universe (remember like attracts like)?

– Creative Visualization (you need to let the Universe know HOW you would like things to      be and then allow the Universe to figure out the journey for you).

– Blessing all in the world (I bless my car all the time, my mailbox, pets and people and more).

To me, these are just some of the essentials.  Then when I have a specific question or challenge, I take that to my QT and ask the Universe to help me answer that as well knowing that I am part of the Universe and that all energy works together ultimately.  I appreciate all in my life, love my life and keep serving all I can, for I am a child of Creation. Nothing religious here, just part of the energetic cosmos.

At night, I also go within and check out my day:  the things I could have done better, the people I need to forgive and ask forgiveness from, and to ask for a good rest.

So, sometimes my absence is merely me taking more QT in my life.  Hope you are all well.  I did add a quick life coach session in my Etsy shop if you need something inexpensive ($5) and fast!  Click here.


All RightsReserved Vallee Rose 2016


What Vibrational level are you living at?

I have been studying levels of consciousness for awhile now and came across  David Hawkins Level of Consciousness.  According to Hawkins we, as humans, live at vastly different “levels” of consciousness. All these levels, along with the “truth level” of ANY true/false style inquiry, can be tested for truth and numerically “calibrated” through muscle testing, on a logarithmic scale of 1-1000. According to Hawkins, any person, concept, thought or object that calibrates at 200 (The level of Integrity) or above is positive (“power”); anything below 200 is negative (“force”). So far, so good. Hawkins’ “map of the levels of human consciousness” is highly consistent with most spiritual teachings, running the range from Shame (lowest) to Enlightenment (highest). Hawkins’ descriptions of the levels are accurate; his personal growth coverage , positive energy and similar concepts are spiritually sound.

What I have found is that we tend to live at different levels in different areas of our lives.  For example, when it comes to family, we may be living at one level BUT when it comes to how we treat ourselves, that level is much lower.  We may be treating our family and/or friends at level of Acceptance (350) but we treat ourselves with Shame (20).    However, if any of our levels are low, then ultimately our whole life condition is low.  The goal is Love or Above:  Love, Joy, Peace and ultimately Enlightenment, or as many of us know it as, Christ Consciousness.

If you would like to know more, you can read here.  And if you would like to know WHY you are living at these levels, contact me for a free consultation at  Live can only get better!

All Rights Reserved Vallee Rose 2016