Thoughts or Feelings?

I always hear,”Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.”  But is it that simple? Yes and No.   While it is true that anything you think is in the NOW, and the NOW does create the future.  Eckhart Tolle showed the power of NOW in his book, “The Power of Now”.   I am not here to dispute how powerful each moment is in your life, because I truly believe and know that what you think at this moment will affect the next moment and the next, and the next:  the snowball effect.  I am here to ask, where does that thought come from?  Why do you have the thoughts that you have.    Quickly the answer is:  from childhood, from society, from culture, your up-bringing, etc..   but ultimately….   your thoughts come from feelings.   So the questions for today are:  Why do you have the feelings that you do?  And Where do they come from?

I’ll be back soon to see your answers and further discuss this.  If you want to discuss this individually, email me at and put FEELINGS in the subject matter.


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Ready to Find your True Purpose?

Every day I consider what to write and come up with so many topics that I end up not writing.   So today I decided to share with you a few insights into how to be the awesome you that you are meant to be following the path of your dreams with a smile.  What I have to share in my work is very valuable for some but not for everyone.  So I am looking for those few who are truly ready to totally invest their time and their energy into dedicating themselves to their evolution.

This all starts with daily service.  We are not here in this Universe just for ourselves but to help others.  If you disagree, stop reading now.  But if you are truly ready to be that best that you can be, then ask how can you best serve others.   When you are genuinely  putting out your gift to help others and not trying to trick people into buying this or that, than you are ready to begin.

Together we will delve into the underlying rules and habits that are keeping you “stuck” and frustrated.  We will discover how to live at the level of love and joy all day long no matter what is happening.  This does not mean that their is not sadness or grief, just a healthier way to approach it.

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How do you define Quiet Time?

Some weeks I think about blogging several times a day, but I find that I either have too much to say or not enough.   The reality is that the busier my life becomes, the more quiet time (QT) that I need. Some people call this their meditation time and I do believe that it is essential to start and end your day with some type of meditation, or quiet time.  I also find it essential that if one is not going to get caught up in their own “stuff”, that this slowing down is critical.  If we just stop and LISTEN, we can become so wise quickly and answers to challenges fall into place.

There are many ways to meditate or have QT, and in my opinion, the right way is the way that works for you!  That is simply that.  However, I do find certain components can be beneficial. Do you include the following?

– Compassion for everyone and everything?  –

– Gratitude for all that you do have in your life?

– Forgiveness to and from others?

– Requests/Prayers to the Universe (remember like attracts like)?

– Creative Visualization (you need to let the Universe know HOW you would like things to      be and then allow the Universe to figure out the journey for you).

– Blessing all in the world (I bless my car all the time, my mailbox, pets and people and more).

To me, these are just some of the essentials.  Then when I have a specific question or challenge, I take that to my QT and ask the Universe to help me answer that as well knowing that I am part of the Universe and that all energy works together ultimately.  I appreciate all in my life, love my life and keep serving all I can, for I am a child of Creation. Nothing religious here, just part of the energetic cosmos.

At night, I also go within and check out my day:  the things I could have done better, the people I need to forgive and ask forgiveness from, and to ask for a good rest.

So, sometimes my absence is merely me taking more QT in my life.  Hope you are all well.  I did add a quick life coach session in my Etsy shop if you need something inexpensive ($5) and fast!  Click here.


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