Moment’s Joy

Wrote this a while back to remind people to live in the moment and enjoy every moment!


Use your good china for breakfast;
your obituary is written the following day.
Enjoy good wine – drink slow and sing;
the tombstone is carved next week.
Love the world – walk among the trees
on a Tuesday;
just because.
Funeral tomorrow at 10.

Copyright Vallee Rose 2016


Ready to Find your True Purpose?

Every day I consider what to write and come up with so many topics that I end up not writing.   So today I decided to share with you a few insights into how to be the awesome you that you are meant to be following the path of your dreams with a smile.  What I have to share in my work is very valuable for some but not for everyone.  So I am looking for those few who are truly ready to totally invest their time and their energy into dedicating themselves to their evolution.

This all starts with daily service.  We are not here in this Universe just for ourselves but to help others.  If you disagree, stop reading now.  But if you are truly ready to be that best that you can be, then ask how can you best serve others.   When you are genuinely  putting out your gift to help others and not trying to trick people into buying this or that, than you are ready to begin.

Together we will delve into the underlying rules and habits that are keeping you “stuck” and frustrated.  We will discover how to live at the level of love and joy all day long no matter what is happening.  This does not mean that their is not sadness or grief, just a healthier way to approach it.

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I AM Enough

Those first two words are so important in our vocabulary:  I am.   What do you tell yourself?  I am pretty or I am a ugly person?  Do you say I am wealthy or I am poor?  If you put it out to the Universe that you are poor, the Universe will give you poor.  Believe me.  I used to think things like that.

Teachers do not make much money.

Counselors in the public sector are paid poorly.

Ministers do not have much of a salary.

I am a starving artist.

You see, I am all of the above.  I believed I did not make enough money to be considered happy.  People kept asking me why I didn’t have a house or a new car.  Wrong!  I have learned that I am ENOUGH no matter what!   Whether I make $5 an hour or $500 an hour, I am enough!  Whether I am underweight tor overweight, I am enough!  Whether I was wanted as a baby or I wasn’t wanted by my parents, I am still enough!!!!  There are so many things in this world that can make us feel as if we are not enough: magazines, TV commercials,  the internet, colleagues, so-called friends, family….   and the list continues. But I always say, “God doesn’t make junk!” Well He/She doesn’t.  You were born into this world perfect regardless of the scenario and you are still perfect.  You are enough!  You don’ t have to be this or that for this person or that person.  All you need to be is you!

How do you serve the world?

How do you follow your passions?

How do you live your life?

Four of my truths are as follows:

I AM divine.

I AM truth.

I AM love.

I AM enough.

What are your truths?  Once you realize your truths, then believe and you shall receive.  And remember to always be grateful for all that you do have!

All Rights reserved Vallee Rose 2016


Did I Do that Again?

Well I realize a whole other week has gone by without blogging and I know why!   Whenever my meditation time gets cut short – and yes you can meditate in 5 minutes or less- so no excuses there, I forget my priorities.  I have two different action plans daily.  The first is what I would like to accomplish that day, and the second action plan includes fitting those unexpected things into my first plan.  The issue is that sometimes I allow plan two to take over plan one and I begin down the road of being lost.  So here I am again to remind all of you of action plans.

What gets your day going in the direction that you want?  For me it is doing creative visualization to visualize exactly what I want to happen that day; a type of meditation.  I give gratitude and appreciate the morning regardless of the hour.   I bless everything and everyone in my life, whether I know them or not  AND I thank the Universe for having my back!   For I KNOW that what I put out, I will get back.   Simple law of attraction and every day I am getting better at this :  total belief!  And why not?   I have everything I need for this moment.  What else is there?

So I leave you with these thoughts: How do you wake up and greet the day and do you have all you need right at this moment?

I always remind my clients over and over again:  gratitude, thankfulness, belief and action are four essential things to an awesome life!  Don’t you want an awesome life????


All Rights Reserved Vallee Rose 2016



Never Give Up

Have you ever seen a young child give up trying to walk because he fell down too many times?    And how many is TOO many?   A young child is determined to walk no matter what.  You can go faster than crawling; you stand with more confidence; you can see further and you get out of the crib.  Young children are determined!  So what happens as we grow older?

Many times as children, we have a dream.   But a parent, or a teacher or someone says, “It cannot be done”  or  “You aren’t smart enough” or something for us to put the dream away forever.  Luckily some kids never grow up and refuse to listen to their elders!   These are the people who have gotten us to the moon and created the electric light.   They were determined.  They knew that if they could IMAGINE something, that it could be done.   And they did it!

Unfortunately you do not hear about many of these people because society wants you to think differently.  In reality, the rockets that have gone to outer space lately were NOT  created by NASA but an individual’s idea that NASA now uses.  And there are people who have founded medical organizations that can help people live to be 100+.  If someone can live to be 100, they can live to be 1000 or forever.    You might think this is far-fetched, but why?

Years ago, we did not have the medical technology to do all that we do today.  People were born and they died around the age of 30.    Then a few decades later, the life span changed to the 60’s, and then the 70’s and now the 80’s and 90’s.    So why not forever?  The point here is that old “ideas” are now no longer the truth.   But we continue to believe that we will be born and we will die because our parents did and their parents before them.  Why are we living in the past rather than the NOW where medicine has progressed to the point where prosthesis look real and act real?    Where many diseases no longer exist?

If you are in your 50’s or older, you will remember telephones hooked to walls and no answering machines.  Today with the touch of a button, you are in contact with the entire world!  And then 100 years ago, most people still didn’t own their own vehicles.  Now families have 3 or 4 or more!    And they can go over 100 miles per hour.   There are jets and rockets and we have been on the moon!

Myself, I remember when a computer was just a thought.  And then they took up a whole building.  Next came the PC (personal computer).  Now we all have phones that connect to the internet.   And why?  All because someone refused to give up!

So if you have an idea or just want a better life: don’t give up!  Change your habits, change your beliefs to ones that are pertinent today.  Every day IS a new day and every moment is a new moment.   Create a clean slate with every breath you take and start creating your new life!    Don’t merely believe something because someone tells you.  Question everything and make up your own mind.

Need a bit of help?   Contact me here or at or check out my life course sessions:  here.  Start living YOUR life rather than the life society thinks you should be living.


All Rights Reserved Vallee Rose 2016