Vision Board 102

Wow time flies my awesome friends.  I got the truck off of me only to get a topsy-turvey tummy but all that meant was slow down when you eat and get some fresher food in you now that spring is here!  So all is good in my corner of the world.  And in yours?

How is your Vision Board coming?  By now I would hope that you have the major areas of your life demonstrated on your boards:  family, relationships, vehicles (transportation), home, location, health, career or work, finances and spirituality to name a few.   Next to each one, there should be an index card, or something similar, with your action steps to get there (at least 1 or 2 but no more than 3 to start out).  Too many action steps makes you start to think that you know HOW you will actually get to your destination.  For me the HOW is my journey which is so awesome because I am always aware looking here and there for possibilities with no exceptions except one:  it WILL happen!

Oh no!  I hear a few of you thinking:  but I am unsure what I want.  No worries.  Just put up what you think you want.  For example:  once I thought I wanted a relationship.  So I joined a few dating sites, went out on a bunch of dates,  and discovered that at that moment, I truly did not want to date.  Did I waste time?  No!  I learned a lot about dating sites, men, relationships,  and mostly, that I did not want to be in a relationship of that kind at that moment.  So, off it came from my vision board.  A Vision Board is your journey; not a destination.   On mine I have a photo of a dark street in the woods being illuminated by headlights.  The lights shine a few hundred feet ahead.  Do I want a dark street in my life? Not in the sense that you are all probably thinking, but we all have them in life in reality.  This photo reminds me that we only see so far ahead of us and that is what we need to concentrate on:  one step at a time will get us to your destination – have faith!

Remember my last blog:  Forget the How

Ask the Universe;

Believe the Universe will deliver;

and Receive it no matter how it comes by.

So this is the week to truly focus on your action steps and see what pops up.  Let me know below in the comment section and if you aren’t already please FOLLOW on the right.  Like what you read?  Please share with the Social Share buttons on the right as well.  Thanks.

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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