But I can’t!

So many people lately have been telling me that this or that would work BUT……  But what???   Ok, so you have your vision board and there is this brand new car that you want but you keep telling yourself, “This will never happen.  I cannot afford it!”  Well keep telling yourself that and you NEVER will have it.  I realize that some of you feel that your vision board is merely dreams, but dreams DO come true, if you believe.  This is exactly how others have made their dreams come true; people like Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctor, Dr. John Gray (Men are from Mars and Woman are from Venus books)  and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul books).  These people not only believed their dreams, they smelled their dreams, they tasted their dreams, their saw their dreams.  For example, when you are sitting visualizing your dreams, make sure you are sitting in the new car,  if that is your dream, and not merely looking at it.  Imagine your hands on the steering wheel and that new car smell.    Imagine yourself driving down the road to work or school or the store.  Then go and test drive a car; you will be surprised how quickly things happen when you believe.

Let’s take a real life example.  A while back I was trying to get a car for my daughter but was unable to get a car loan due to other loans I had.  I called and called and even went through used car dealers, but was always given a red light.  Then one day I was with her and said, “Let’s go to …..”.  To make this story short, she drove out in a 3 year beautiful car.   What was the difference?  The Universe told me it was time to get her a car.  I KNEW we were going to get her a car; I had no doubts.   Had my situation changed?  No.  Nothing had changed but my belief that my dream for her was going to come true .  I never doubted as we sat down and started the loan process that it would not happen.

You could say that it was just luck.  But I have a question:  would you prefer to be living your life thinking nothing will ever work or thinking and believing that all your dreams can come true?  I love being positive.  Now I am looking for a new car and I still have loans.  I love my car but soon it will be time for her to retire .  So as I drive around I look at cars and say to myself (well sometimes out loud) when I see a car I would like, ” I have the money for that car”.  Then I see another and say the same thing to myself.    I know that soon I will have a new car, but my Missy (car) will still be around because I love her!

My point is that you can give me all the reasons that a vision board will not work for you and I will then turn around and tell you all the reasons why it will if you believe!   I am not a millionaire (yet), but I am doing much better than I was before.   All because I worked the vision board!

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

2 thoughts on “But I can’t!”

  1. Thanks for the example from your own life! And thanks for reminding me to not only believe & imagine my dreams but also to use my 5 senses when I visualize my dreams – now if only I have the discipline to do this on a daily basis!

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