Moment’s Joy

Wrote this a while back to remind people to live in the moment and enjoy every moment!


Use your good china for breakfast;
your obituary is written the following day.
Enjoy good wine – drink slow and sing;
the tombstone is carved next week.
Love the world – walk among the trees
on a Tuesday;
just because.
Funeral tomorrow at 10.

Copyright Vallee Rose 2016



The wind blows in circles
twisting and turning to the rhythm of the music
inside, outside, within.

Breezes gently touching the soul
answering asked questions
subtly, gently until
the Soul screams and invokes

the change

causing the gusts of the storm
to open the gatewayin preparation
of the Transformation.

Copyright Vallee Rose 2016



I wanted to write this for all of those who feel too much, sense too much and overall get overwhelmed in this world.    As highly sensitive people and empaths (they are different). we often have feelings.  Remember it is always your choice how you respond to them.



Raw and exposed – we feel what all feels.

We hear what all hears.

Our hearts ache with compassion.

Our souls yearn to have peace.

Yet the world continues with hatred and greed

killing other humans in the name of God.

Our God is loving no matter the religion.

Our Lord is forgiving regardless of which church.

As empaths we grieve, we feel, we cry and…

lastly we attempt to hurt ourselves to relieve the overwhelming pain.

All Right Reserved Vallee Rose 2016

Clouds 04 13 13 001


It awakens the breath

as the sun barely touches the morning dew.

It arrives as the chitter-chatter of the birds

begin to welcome the dawn.

And as leaves on the trees

turn a majestic green.

It comes on the rays of the sun

as they caress the mountain tops

sending cascades of love

into the valleys below.

Fish swim among the river rocks

knowing day has begun.

The world stirs with yawns and smiles…

for the Truth is once more

awoken in your heart.

All Rights Reserved Vallee Rose 2016


Stones of YesterYear

Watching the stream caress the stones below,

my mind wanders to the yesteryears of my memories.

Ears perk up to the songs of old,

dances of those who came before us.

Water gurgles, sand moves as if to show us

the movement of time.

However slow, a stone moves an inch a month

but movement prevails.

The stones remember; the water sings

but do our ears truly hear

the mysteries of the songs of those who danced before us?

Do we hear their wisdom?

Do we walk in their footsteps?

Or do we ignore the wisdom of the wise ones

and listen only to the chatter in our own heads?

All Rights Reserved Vallee Rose 2016


Morning Blessings

Sun glistens on green below

wet still from last nights’ rain.

Birds tweet their morning songs

as crickets began to quiet their nighttime wings.

Dogs barking, roosters crowing,

farmers driving their tractors down the road.

Sounds of morning awakening the day

calling to our souls, blessing our essence.

Did you hear it?  Did you sense it?

Did you even stop to listen?


All Right Reserved Vallee Rose 2016

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