Welcome Back to Me

Well it has been an intriguing year so far and I have neglected my writing and my followers.  I apologize and yet at the same time, sometimes we need breaks from certain areas of our lives.  I am still unsure as to how often I will be here, but to change any habit, you have to change your action steps ….  and so here I am .

My first new activity this year was to open a 2nd Etsy shop and then to begin to re-create my first one which is still in the process.  This morning I read a blog post by Wayne Dyer about Follow Your Bliss.   It really is the truth that we all need to follow our bliss for this world to be enchanting.  My new Etsy shop;  ValleeRoseDesigns has many inspirational items all created from my original paintings and one of them of course is entitled:


.follow your bliss pillow picmonkey

And if you want to see more of my new shop, click here:  ValleeRoseDesigns  Or if you want to see my Liquidation Sale items and new chakra bracelets in my EnchantedRoseShop, click here:  EnchantedRoseShop

But the real reason I am writing today is because something has been gnawing at my brain lately:  Being an empath!  People have been purchasing tarot readings from me for several years now through my Etsy shop and they continue to come back whenever they are in need of some support, clarification and/or guidance.   So many of my clients/customers are highly sensitive and budding empaths themselves.  It is easy to find shielding practices and definitions of being an empath on line these days but every person has their unique story that others relate to and suddenly have that a-ha moment in their lives. I am here to help as many highly sensitive people (HSP) / empaths find their a-ha moment through my stories.  We feel, we sense, we remember….

Lights blared, voices hushed…..  Then the words “It’s a girl”.


I never imagined during the nine months of security the complexities of the world to come.  My mother had been nervous often and I felt much grief but all had been overpowered by her sense of love, the cute little sounds I heard her chatter and the loving songs she sang throughout the day.  My mother was an angel in my eyes.  

Now time to go “home” from the hospital.

“Home” created a confusing reality.  The sterility of the hospital sensing the love of my mother became the lost security as a lone teardrop fell into my heart from my mother’s eyes as she held back the sobs of grief.  This time not to be followed by her love and sweet sounds.  I had been put up for adoption at 5 days old.  




Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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