Just Believe

I may lose a few friends over this blog entry but it worked for me and for others before me. Many of us go to church and we have faith that God will help us and intervene; we pray and we believe our prayers.  Prayer is a very powerful thing and has cured many people over the years and continues to do so.   I am an advocate for prayer.   Yet, my prayers are also called “thoughts of gratitude” and I send then out to the Universe.  And I believe they will come true!

Whether I am sending out a thought thanking the Universe for saving a child or being grateful that someone gets through an operation, it is all the same to me:  it is my prayer, my gratitude to the Universe for listening to me.  In the same fashion, I thank the Universe for bringing me all the money I need to take care of things, to pay the bills, to give me food, to put gas in the car.  I thank the Universe for more money that I could ever use. Am I a millionaire?  No…. not yet…..   but I have food, a car that runs, a roof over my head, my bills paid and gas in the car.  At least for today.  And what more do I have but today?  And what more do I need?   The Universe is my security, not my bank account.

I  know many of you think, “But you don’t know my situation,” and I respond back, “You haven’t know mine either”.  But I do know one thing:  over the years when I would get “down” and troubled, things got worse for me.   But when I was grateful for what I did have, things always got better for me.  I have been homeless, I have gone without food and no miraculous person came and handed me $1000 with me thinking that I was doomed.   But when I started to smile and thank the Creator, the Universe, for all I had,  I got ideas and I started to move my energy and things got better.

So the point of all this is that when you feel down and overwhelmed,  stop!  Smile and tell the Universe how grateful and thankful you are and BELIEVE!  Your belief will take you far!!!   But don’t stop – or your bad thoughts will come right back.   In the end, the way I figure it:  you can be in your situation and be miserable OR you can be in your situation and be grateful.  The secret here is that the gratitude WILL make things be better.   Believe things will get better and they will.   Doubt your belief and the Universe will doubt with you.

If you are angry by now and saying, “No way.”  Then it isn’t time for you to understand the secret of the Universe:  that Like attracts Like; that gratitude and thanks attracts gifts from the Universe; that we are all energy working with each other.   Just ask, believe and you will receive if you are loving, thankful and grateful.  Just for now, try it and smile.

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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