Dare you to Read this to the End?

In my last blog I presented a 6 week course to change your life.  And some of you are asking yourselves:  Why choose this course over another course?   And why spend money to better myself?  I can do that by myself.  And I have several answers, but may not be what you expect.

First, why spend money on anything if you can do it yourself?  There is no reason to unless:  you need more knowledge to change the course of your life, you are tired of your same old patterns over and over again with nothing happening with all you have been trying or maybe you are just fed up with being fed up and need a change.   My question to you is:  if you have been doing all you can to change the “bad” in your life and nothing has helped, then why not give something different a try?   It is proven”  same action, same result.

Now there are also a few asking themselves, why is this course less expensive or more expensive than others?  Good question.  Putting a price on information sharing can be difficult, but in reality it is no different than anything else.  Also putting a price on doing something you love can cause internal questions to arise for many, such as am I really worth it, can I really do this, etc..  I love what I do since I am helping others and giving them awesome information that can transform lives, but that does not mean that I should not get compensated for it. Money is a barter system.  I give you fresh eggs and you give me fresh bread.  I give you information and you give me money.  Same thing.  Other reasons prices may be vary are:  we all need different amounts of barter to survive in this Universe.  Depending where one lives, the cost of living is higher or lower than the average.  Some people have high overheads to business’, some have less.   For me, it is who you resonant with that is important.

So why my course?  No reason.  Take any course, but take something.  There are many courses out there that you can choose from.  The reason for this is because there are many people needing and searching for this information.  As I mentioned above, who do you resonate with?  And why do I offer this course?  Simple.  As I mentioned above, I love higher vibrations in my life and I want to help raise the vibrational energy of this Universe so we are all living in Love rather than the lower vibrations of Shame and Guilt.

This course is not a seminar where you have to travel; you can take it from the convenience of your own home.  It is also not a course where you get a certificate saying you finished something that many of you then file away in your cabinet (though certificate courses are awesome and I suggest you take them as well if you are interested).  This is a course where you have weekly one-on-one phone sessions with myself that are personalized to YOUR needs and no one else’s, plus email communication as often as you need.

Have you dared to read this far?  Good for you since there is valuable information in this blog by itself and it is free!  So, I will leave you with this question?  Is it profitable for you to take an affordable class (there are three different payment plans and prices will go up every season due to inflation and demand) that will change your old patterns into newer, higher vibrational patterns causing you to be happier, healthier and more abundant?

So what are you waiting for, only 3 spots left for this season at this price.  Check out my 6 week course: Here .

Still not sure?  Check out reviews here.

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“Be the Best YOU that you can Be”

Well here it is:  I put together a 6 week course for all of you who have been asking me about it.  This course goes beyond psychotherapy and beyond hypnosis and takes you into the super- conscious of energy clearing.

But I can only take 4 people at a time (and one slot already taken) because this course is totally individualized.   Unlike most courses that are on-line, this one is by phone or Skype so that you get one-on-one attention throughout the 6 weeks as well as email/messenger time (no texts please) during the week to ask me all the questions and comments that you have; thus the reason for 4 clients at a time.  Below is a description of what you will receive:

Change your Life Intuitive Energy Course – 6 Week Individualized Phone or Skype sessions

Course Level: Introductory or Part 1
Included Materials: Downloadable Worksheets for each week to go along with phone conversation, English Format

The 6 week course curriculum is as follows:

Week One:

1. Discussion on the differences between psychotherapy, hypnosis and energy therapy;
2. Being mindful;
3. Begin to look at where you are in your life at the present moment.

Week Two:

1. Delve into YOUR personal rules for living beyond mere understanding and how they embed themselves into your cellular biology;
2. Beginning creative visualization to form a new life. What you may have been missing when meditating or visualizing before.

Week Three:

1. How to live in the energy you want for your future;
2. Dr. David Hawkins and his levels of consciousness;
3. Energy and emotions – how they are related;
4. Like attracts like: the Mirror.

Week Four:

1. 15 things to give up to be happy and how to do that;
2. Living an impersonal life;
3. Beginning 6 phase meditation: compassion and forgiveness.

Week Five:

1. How to fit your new life into your old one;
2. Continuing 6 phase meditation: Visualizing your future;
3. Your Higher Power and how you define that.

Week Six:

1. Every Movement is Forward;
2. Your layers;
3. Summary

Payment options include one payment of $192 (20% discount) before 1st session, 2 payments of $108 (10% discount) before 1st and 4th sessions or individual sessions at $40 a session.

I am a licensed counselor, hypnotherapist, spiritual awakening counselor, educator, tarot card reader and minister with a PhD in the Science of the Paranormal. I have gone through my own life journey to find what truly makes the difference in changing your life and being the best YOU that you can be.

Click  here to reserve your spot.

Previous Reviews:

“Vallee is extremely perceptive, intuitive and psychic. Amazing talent and wonderful person.”

“Vallee is just absolutely AMAZING!!! I cannot even begin to share just how much she has helped and guided me. She’s done many readings for me; I have both of her new meditations. She is someone that I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend to anyone who is serious about a reading; who is looking for meditations. Vallee’s drawings; and jewelry are just beautiful!! Vallee is knowledgeable; she is just so wonderful to talk to; she is such an enlightened and beautiful soul.”

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Changing Beliefs Can Change Your Life

I ended yesterday’s blog with the idea of beliefs.   Have you ever really taken inventory of your thoughts?  How many times a day do you, for example, think of food?  How many times do you wish you were prettier or smarter or hadn’t done this or that?    How many times do you think, “I just don’t have enough money to do that?”  Or “If I just knew more, I could….?”

I started  taking inventory when I was in High School.  I found that I was hanging around people who swore a lot and I did not want to do the same, but I was.  After ONE day of marking down each time I used the “F” word, I stopped.  I could not believe how often that had entered into my vocabulary.  It had become as common to me as the word “I”!  Back then I only had 16 years of prior life so it was quite easy for me to delete the word.   I told myself that I just was NOT going to use that word any more and it worked because I BELIEVED that I could stop.

Well now years later, I have begun contemplating how easily a word entered into my vocabulary transforming my language into something I did not want and also into someone I did not want.  And the thought came to me, if a word can have so much power over me then thoughts must have more.   And if I think I thought like, “I do not have enough money to do this or that” over and over again, then that becomes my belief:  that I am poor.  But on the other hand, if I dream about what I will do pretending almost like I have the money, and take action steps to get there (as explained in a prior blog) then that can become a new belief and I might actually get there!   If you do this process, you will probably find that you are happier as well.  You have now changed a belief of “poverty” into a belief of “abundance” by merely changing your habits of thought.   And I can contest that it does work.   You will begin to attract the energy you want rather than the energy that you don’t – that which kept you feeling poor – because you are redefining who you are.

I must admit this process took a bit longer as I got older, but recently I changed my cellular biology in less that 6 weeks by changing my thoughts, taking action steps and making it my belief!  I entered 2016 walking with a cane.  Today, I have no need of it.   If you are interested in how to change your biology, email me at ariel2424@msn.com for a free consultation.   And if you ever wonder at what you can and cannot do, tell this guy you need fingers to play a guitar!       Click here

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But I Don’t Know How to Start…

How many of you have had a glimpse of your future and said to yourself, “Wow, I can do that…  long pause – ….  but I don’t know how to start.  First issue we have already run into is that you are giving yourself an excuse to NOT start by saying “BUT”.  The word “BUT” tells yourself that you can’t; that the future you want is just not available to you.  Why?

Now here come the excuses:

  • I am too old
  • I don’t know how to do a website
  • I just could never be that good
  • I am not good at blah blah, blah

Why not?  So you tried it before maybe or you just feel lost.  Remember that famous saying:  You can only eat an elephant one bite at a time.  Well, you can only change your life one step at a time.  So let’s take that first step.  Oh no, now I hear:  but I don’t know what to do first?   My response:  ANYTHING!  Every movement is forward.

So, you need help with that first step?  Contact me and we will start that step together so you can be on your way to a happier, more fulfilled, abundant life!

Message me at ariel2424@msn.com

Or call (575) 770-6310

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Remember there is no such thing as “Failure”, only learning what does and does not work.

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Welcome 2016

Every Move is Forward

Welcome to my newest blog of learning to listen to your intuition.    I may not have  chosen the most creative name for this blog, but for now it is perfect.  So my question for you today is this:  do you get up in the morning dragging your feet or are you alive and welcoming the day just as the sun rises and brightens up the horizon?  Don’t you  feel better when you wake up with a smile?  So why not?

I hear many of you saying….    but I hate my job or I cannot do this or that.   And I respond:  Why not?  If you hate your job then start looking for a new one.  So today is called Action Plan Day when you find the thing in your life that is dragging you down and you write down 2 things that you will do to change that.  Easy, right?  Well now do that action and see what doors begin to open to you?

If you are having difficulty writing your action plan ideas or want that support to get you started, email me at ariel2424@msn.com and we can set up some sessions through phone chat or email.   Phone sessions start at $75.

Start living your life now!

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Today is your day – so start living with love and gratitude. Just like a dandelion, you have unlimited possibilities coming into your life today:  embrace them.