What Gets you Out of Bed Every Day?

I think about blogging every day at least several times, but then get so caught up in life that I let is pass.  Sonow ‘BLOG’ must be part of my life since I love sharing my thoughts with my friends.  The question of the day is: “What gets you out of bed every day?”  Sadly, many people hide in their beds hoping that the world will end before they have to open their eyes.  I get it, but I could never do that.  The Creator has made such gorgeous mornings whether there is sun, rain, wind or hail.   Every element is fascinating.  I admit that sometimes they get carried away, but on most mornings things are at peace.  So think about it, what gets you out of bed every day?

Many people get up because they have a job to go to or kids to get on the bus or  partner to get breakfast for, and that is all OK.  But do you do it with joy or begrudgingly?  If you do it begrudgingly, why? Why not make it the best morning that you can!  You are blessed to have a job, or kids or a job; aren’t you?   I have had mornings when I woke up next to my cat  and looked out my car window saying to myself, “I am so lucky to have a warm car to sleep in while I am between homes.”   Some people, would have been cursing the Universe because things didn’t work out so that there wasn’t this lapse of time.  But have you ever slept in your car and looked out over the mountains?   Or watched the sun rise or set?  I not only have, but I have taken trips where I have chosen to sleep in my car in the woods just to listen to Nature and smell the trees.

I understand that not everyone enjoys sleeping in cars, but my point is that there is always a reason to be joyful as long as you  are breathing.   There are moments when we have grief and sadness, but overall, we were lucky to have spent time with that person or animal, or we would not be feeling the grief.    So let’s get back to the question:  what gets you out of bed every day?   I would love to hear some answers below.  For me, life!  My family, helping others, creating things for others to enjoy, asking the Universe how can I serve today……  these are some of my reasons.

If you need some assistance in finding your reasons, contact me at ariel2424@msn.com or take a look at my life coach sessions here.   And for more weekly (hopefully sooner) tidbits, FOLLOW and SHARE please.  Have an awesome weekend!

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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