Action Steps

Boy does time fly.  Thought I wrote a few days ago and was almost a week ago.  This is a great reason why we need to write down our action steps.    When we keep things in our heads, we lose track of time.  Also, action steps keep you focused, on time with your ‘journey’ and helps you to quickly get to where you are going.  How many times have you said to yourself, “I will do this and that today,” and end up going to bed at night remembering that you forgot to do half of it?  Whether you told yourself throughout the day, “I’ll get to that later” or “I will do that after I finish this…..” , you will find that a whole week has gone by and you really are no further on your path than you were the week before.   Why?  Because you didn’t write down the action steps and check back.  Yes, checking whether you did something or not is just as important.

Obviously there are some days that unexpected things happen, but overall you can always get something done that you wanted to do that is not part of your regular, normal routine.  Why do we do this?   Because we are always trying to better ourselves through our journeys.   For most, the ultimate goal is enlightenment and so many times people believe that they are close.  I usually laugh because we are creatures of habit and security.  The only habit that an enlightened person has is to believe that the Universe will give them all that they need.   Give me a few moments and I will probably come up with rules and regulations that you live by without you even realizing it.  So make action steps and checking them a new habit!

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