What Are You Good At?

Hoping you all had an awesome weekend and those who celebrated Easter – a great Easter weekend as well.  Spring is springing though many of us are going from warm and back to chilly days, thinking:  Boy I wish it would STAY warm!  Spring is part of life and just as spring changes, so do we……    But we have more to say about our lives than we do about the weather.  Really!

Are you feeling that not everything is going your way?  That you want things to be different?  Here is a small reminder to you:  Like Attracts Like.  Have you ever tried truly smiling while you are very very very upset with someone? It just doesn’t work!  The reason it doesn’t work is because when you smile, you are bringing happy energy into you and anger is not happy.  So next time you feel angry, why not smile?  You will quickly realize that your body prefers the happy energy of the smile to the dark angry energy.  Our physical bodies are made up of mainly water which Dr. Emoto proved responds to energy:  Check out this blog.   But weather you believe that or not, our soul is made up of light energy:  we are energetic beings and just like magnets, we attract what we think?  This is the reason why I start my day off with a smile and giving thanks.

I hear some of you saying:  but you don’t know MY life?  It doesn’t matter what I know about your life; what matters is what you do!  Just try it out tomorrow:  as you open your eyes, smile wide and with all your heart and soul tell the Universe ‘thank you’ for an awesome life and believe it!!!  Then every time throughout the day when you feel this dark energy creeping up, smile and thank the Universe again for all you have.  Believe what you say and see if you feel any differently.  If you truly want to feel miserable, you are welcome to but please don’t come around me because my happy energy might just rub off on you

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So why did I title this blog:  What are you Good at?  Because if you do what you are good at in life and love doing, then you will attract more of that:  love.   Drop all the rest that you can, and comment below how your day of smiling went.

Copyright Material Vallee Rose 2016





Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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