On your Mark, Get Set, Focus!

So many times we hear in our heads:  on your mark, get set, go…   but we forgot the actions steps and quickly find ourselves floundering from this thing to that just attempting to figure out where it was we were going.   Have you ever taken a short cut and realized that you were lost and finally arrived 20 minutes late rather than 10 minutes early?  We have a tendency to do this with life as well.

When we were younger and in field day events that our parents, did or did not, proudly attend; we practiced day after day running, or jumping the hurdles, or skipping, or maybe the three-legged race…..  whatever we were competing in so that we would win and come in the fastest and be the best!  Some of us practiced for months!  We did not always come in first and sometimes we came in last, but we had practiced.  So what happened in our life?

It seems that somewhere along the line of life, many of us forgot the concept of practice. Practice brings habit as well as getting better at something.  So along with practice we get a better and better habit.  How awesome!  If we are an artist, we practiced and practiced until we perfected what we wanted to  – and then we continued to learn.  If we play an instrument, we practiced and practiced until we perfected what we were practicing and  then we continued to learn more.  And if we are a writer, we wrote and wrote until we perfected our essay and then we wrote some more.  So what happened?

On your mark, get set….   should include…  After you practice:   on your mark…….  but since we don’t, we need to add the focus.  On your mark, get set (but first exactly WHAT are you doing?  HOW are you doing it? You get the idea).  Not only do we need practice, but we  need actions steps in order to focus.  As we get older with more things to do daily, we tend to bypass essential steps.  For example:  How many of you take a few moments to yourself every morning to design your day?

Slow down!  I already here you saying:  but I KNOW my day!  I have to do this and that.  And others saying:  I go to work and do what I have to for the day.   Others are thinking:  I drive Steve here and then Mark there – later Megan has ballet and Tiffany has scouts – and the boys have hockey….   But this is not what I am talking about.   How many of you take 5 minutes to close your eyes and visualize your day?  You can do this while in the shower or spend an extra few moments in bed: I am not suggesting a full blown 1 hour meditation.

Close your eyes, or leave them open if you need and focus:  Imagine you doing all the things that you need to be doing that day with ease.  Imagine all the kids getting along, no traffic jams, hubby happy, etc., etc.   Forget what you THINK will happen and imagine it as you WANT it to happen and start out with a smile and a good attitude.   Now.  Get on your mark, get set and go!  You already focused and are ready to approach your day with joy, happiness and grace and you are ready to receive the same in return.  Have high expectations!

If you would like to know additional tips to help focus  your day and live an awesome life regardless of what is thrown at you , message me at ariel2424@msn.com or check out an introductory session with me.  And no, I don’t have 2 homes and 3 cars and no concerns of my own.

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

3 thoughts on “On your Mark, Get Set, Focus!”

  1. I loved the part about vibrations and energy. I referred to something like this today and hadn’t even read the latest post. I am so happy that I am learning to focus on the positive energy we all have inside. I was using my own vibrational energy and didn’t even know it. What wonderful guidelines.


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