I’ll be Happy when….

The grass is always greener on the other side, isn’t it?  Well, actually no.  If you turn grass upside down, it is brown dirt.  So know you are contemplating the concept that you have the “dirt” side and the other side is the “greener” side.  Well wrong again!  You have the side you choose.

See, I used to finish that sentence with:  ‘I’ll be happy when I learn as much as I can about what I like’.  There is one major problem with that.  I like learning about so many things that I believe I will die with a book in my hands or an informational video on my laptop.  We are raised with thinking a college degree will bring us a good job with lots of money.  How many of you have that degree and no money in the bank?  Or a good husband or wife who loves and cherishes us will make us happy.  How many of you click off that “divorced” square on surveys?    Well maybe, when I have the car or home of my dreams I will be happy.  So now how many of you have those things or know people who have those things and still are not happy?  Do you complain, and moan and groan about things that don’t go your way?  Then you are not happy either.

I am not suggesting that everything has to go your way; life is not like that.  And I am not suggesting that there are not frustrating moments in your life.  There sure are in mine.  What I am suggesting is that you raise your vibration to a “happier” state so that your sentence becomes this:

I’ll be happy when….. WAIT…. I AM happy!

And why not????

Are you not attracted to happier people  more than those that moan and groan?  Happiness attracts happiness which attracts more happy opportunities, more happy friends and a more happier life.  So you’ve tried that “Be Positive” route and it didn’t work?   Or your “happiness” was short-lived?  There is a key to maintaining happiness and that is increasing your vibrational energy with meditation, creative visualization, learning what rules you are living by without even knowing it, and many other daily habits that as soon as you incorporate them into your life, you will begin asking yourself:  why did I not do this sooner?

Make your life YOURS by raising your vibrations not for a moment, not for a day or a month but for the rest of your life.  Check out my on-line life coaching course here.   You will learn how 9 specific areas of your life are holding you back.

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 All Rights Reserved Vallee Rose 2016


Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

One thought on “I’ll be Happy when….”

  1. Val, thanks for reminding me that I can choose to be happy right now, despite what is not going my way. Listing my blessings is a good reminder of everything I have to be grateful for.


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