What is Stopping you?

Good Morning.  Last night my body said to say goodnight before my mind so my blog did not get written.  However, it is now Wednesday morning and here I am with the 2nd blog of the week as I have promised.  This morning I want to chat about your “glass ceiling”.  I am not speaking of some of the gorgeous cathedral glass ceilings in the world, but something very much closer to home: your upbringing.

Culturally, many women and minorities, though men are included as well here, were taught that we could not do better than our husbands, or we could not succeed in life further than our parents, or something similar.  Of course, there are many individuals who have done just this:  Oprah, Martin Luther King, Tony Robbins.  We often think of these people as being “lucky” or “being successful overnight”.  But none of this is the truth.   These individuals hit their “rock button” ( see prior blog here ) and told themselves that they WOULD achieve in this world regardless of their background (poverty) and they BELIEVED it!  They did not believe in the “glass ceiling” concept.

Most of you are not aware that this “glass ceiling” concept even exists still with woman’s right, and equality of minorities, or so they say, but it is written into your biology.  How many of you have educational degrees, or lots of experience or just KNOW that you are good at what you do but are still struggling to pay your bills because somewhere inside of you, you believe you cannot do better?   Maybe you enjoy being part of the “status quo” and struggling with everyone else so you don’t stand out in the crowd.  Or maybe you don’t want to take that “leap of faith” that you CAN do better because that would mean stepping out of your “comfort zone”.  Or just maybe, you fear being successful.  Would you have to give money to your family and friends?  Would you have to learn to say “no”?

So it is much easier to ignore the fact these the individuals mentioned above, and many more,  worked long hours to get to where they are today.  They believed they could be the best that they could be and kept pushing to get to the top.  They went out to meet people and to take chances and therefore it might appear that they were lucky by meeting a certain person.  But you have to work and go out and take those “leaps of faith” to get yourself in that situation.

So I am asking you:  do you want to continue to complain about not having enough, or do you want to ‘Be the Best You that YOU can Be” and  get rid of those energetic blocks that are keeping you trapped?   Whether you want to be a millionaire or just be more comfortable in your life in terms of having more joy, happiness and love as well as abundance, then join our personalized 6 week  course and learn how to transform your life:


Included in this course:

* 6 individualized sessions by phone, Messenger or Skype;
* Unlimited email correspondence throughout the course;
* Definition of energy blocks and how to clear them yourself;
* Learn how to be mindful every second of your day and night;
* Discover the embedded rules that you are living by without your knowledge;
* How to change your level of consciousness to be living at the level of abundance;
* How to keep yourself at this desired level of consciousness every minute.

Plus bonuses:

* Reduced rates on additional 1-1 sessions;
* First to know of my latest meditations available for instant download;
* Exclusive discounts on my personal handmade items to celebrate yourself and others;
* Priority admission to future courses.

Join now and get the bonus discounted price of $192, but this price will not be available for long, nor will the personalized sessions.  Just click here for more information:  HERE.

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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