Are You A Worry Wort?

We all have worries:  will my kids be Ok growing up?  Will the bus get me to work on time?  Can I pay my bills this month?  But what made these into worries rather than action steps?  Where is your energy focused?

Let’s take finances since everyone seems to stress about those lately; are you Person A or Person B?

Person A:  I know my bills and I know how much I make in a month and it is not enough. Ugh.  What will I do?  If I cannot pay my rent, then  I will have to move out.  But where will I go?  I just cannot handle this.  I cannot go there, or there or there….  but I need to start looking for a cheaper place to rent.  What if I cannot find one?   What if I cannot pay for gas for my car since the cheaper places are further away.  Ugh.  I give up – oh no – I will be late for work – I better hurry; what if they fire me!?

Person B: I know my bills and I know how much I make in a month and it is not enough.  I better create some action steps.  Let’s see:  I can look on line to see if there are any small PT jobs that I can fit into my schedule?  Or maybe I could sell a few of my things for now while I find some additional income?  Maybe I need to make more connections with people around here?  I know I can do this:  I think I will quiet my mind and  go with-in and see what my intuition tells me.  Ok – got it.  As soon as I get home, I will start taking some action steps but right now time for work and I cannot wait to make everyone there smile because today is another awesome day!

Which person you are will  indicate to me where your energies lie as well as your physical health.  Worry worts tend to have more sleep problems because they worry  rather than let their day go and sleep; except by focusing your dreams to find solutions, you cannot do anything regarding the situation while you sleep.  Worry worts tend to have more aches and pains because when we worry, we hold in tension.   Stomach issues are caused by worry since we create more acid internally when under stress.  I am not a MD and I am not saying that some of you don’t have legitimate medical issues but I am saying do not dwell on them.  Take care of them as best as possible and smile!  Just smiling alone can raise your vibrational energy to a more loving vibration in this world and make you feel better about yourself.

Many of you might be saying to yourself:  she has never had it as hard as I have?  She doesn’t get it?  Maybe I don’t, but I know what it is like to sleep in my car with my kitty cat since I had no home at the time.   I know what it is like to not be able to pay my rent.  I know what it is like to not have money for gas for my car or food to eat.  I know what it is like to say to others that all I have is my smile to share.  I know what it  feels like to hit rock bottom!  But I still had my smile and I used that to remember that we are light beings in this Universe.  I focused on future energies rather than past energies.  I stopped the negative “what if’s” and started focusing on the positive “what ifs”.  What if I met the perfect person to help me out of this mess?  What if I looked in the paper and found the perfect job for me that made more money?   I made action steps and I stopped thinking: “Poor me!”  I began creating my future.  No matter what your situation is in life, you have a choice:  will you be Person A or Person B?  And if you start your sentence with the word BUT….   then you have not hit your rock bottom yet.

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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