Being Mindful

Most days lately, I think I just blog about the topic that is swirling around my head most that day.  Maybe soon I will get some order to it all or maybe not.   Today I was being mindful.  What does mindful actually mean?  Well it means being aware of what you are doing.  How many of us are really aware of what we are doing all the time?   When you are driving, are you thinking of other things or focusing 100% on the road ahead?   When you take a shower, do you bless each and every piece of your body as you lather yourself up with a sweet smelling soap that your nose is relishing in or are you thinking of your day ahead?

You might be thinking that being in the moment and being mindful are the same thing. Not exactly but that is not the focus of this blog.  Rather, are you mindful of your thoughts?  I am also not saying that you should not be thinking of your day while in the shower.  That is also another topic.  But do you realize that you are thinking of your day while you are showering?  That is being mindful.  Or if you are aware of your thoughts while driving, that is being mindful.

So this brings me to the question:  just how mindful are you?   If I asked you right this moment, “How many times yesterday did you think that a thought that was not loving toward yourself?”  For example:  Wish I weighed less, or wish my hair was wavier or straighter or something…. or darn I am broke, I just cannot afford that right now, etc….   my point is that most times – though not all – we think these things in a negative way.  We worry or we struggle or we are devastated or we ….   What would happen in this scenario if this were you?

You are walking down the street and you look into a shop where there is this awesome looking dress that you would love to own, but you see the price tag which is out of your league.   Do you?

  • Think how you could never afford a dress like that; that only the wealthy have that kind of money?
  • Do you day dream the rest of the day of yourself wearing that gorgeous dress to a dinner or dance?
  • Do you begin to figure out how you could save up enough to buy the dress some day?
  • Are you so used to not having money for those types of things that you don’t think twice, since you know you cannot afford it?
  • Do you whip out a credit card and purchase it?
  • Do you do a combination of these things?  Or
  • Do you do something completely different?

I would love to see your answers in the comments below.  How you answered this question begins to tell me how you partially perceive life and what may potentially be keeping you blocked and partially unhappy.  So hope to see your comments below so I can expand more personally on this blog.  Have a great and awesome day!

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

2 thoughts on “Being Mindful”

  1. First I would ask myself, “Do I want this dress badly enough to pay the cost? And would that make me unable to pay for something else I need or want?”
    I’m not very mindful, in that I don’t often observe what I am thinking. I tend to focus on what I need to be doing – right now it is finding places which could use Al-Anon literature.

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