What is Your Rock Bottom?

A thought occurred to me once again today, that people do not tend to change until they absolutely have to.  Some people change because they really want to, but so many become “comfortable” in their misery that they prefer to stay right there.  Having been an alcohol and drug counselor, often times I would see someone hit what they called “rock bottom” only to find out that there really was another bottom further out.  But when they truly did hit that point, they seemed to change.   I could ask “Why wait until then to change?” But that has already been answered:  people stay in their comfort zones.  So what makes someone NOT comfortable?    I believe this is different for everyone.

So the question is:  what is your rock bottom?  For some people, they might say that their rock bottom is when they are not in a relationship or don’t have a job or something similar.  And yet, when they get there….  they don’t do anything to change it .  They enjoy their misery and find others to share their misery with until the point that they begin to believe that their misery IS them.    Likewise, if you are depressed and join a group for depression for their support, that is awesome…. but beware that you do not begin to define yourself as Sally the Depressed person.   You can be Sally the Artist who is temporarily dealing with depression and use the group for the support you need and move on when it is time.  I remember when I used to go to ACOA groups (Adult Children of Alcoholics).  I learned tons of valuable information like what “boundaries” were.  But one night a lady stood up and angrily stated, “I have been coming to these groups for 10 years…..  and on and on…”  I stopped listening.  She was in the same place where she had been 10 years prior – angry at her parents and the world.  She had identified with the wounded child and had decided to stay there!  That was not for me.   I never went back but instead found another group that had to do with reinventing your life.  Here people were positive and truly changing their life to something better.

My point is that this lady had NOT hit her rock bottom but instead found a comfortable place of anger and rage for herself.  In any case, most of us do not change until we hit that Rock Bottom point and that is usually much further into the depths of nothingness that we admit.  We will scrap by financially, emotionally and more pretending that life is Ok.  Why?   Why can you NOT have more?  Why do you wait to hit your rock bottom to create a better life for yourself?

So the light bulb turned on in my head:  Create a new rock bottom!  If your rock bottom was having no money in the bank and living paycheck to paycheck, then change it to having $5000 in the bank.  Or maybe your rock bottom you think is having no car.  Change it to having two cars.  My point is, if you want to change your life to an absolutely awesome life; one that you create, then create your rock bottom right where you are right now and believe in every cell of your body that you want to change!  Things will start to happen.

If you need assistance in changing your cellular biology to believe that you will change, email ariel2424@msn.com for a free consultation and click that black FOLLOW button to keep getting free tips.   An awesome life is waiting for you!

Please comment below on how you are changing your rock bottom .


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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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