First Step to Changing Your Life

I debated what to write on the eve of  Valentines Day knowing that many people are out there wondering if they will have a good day tomorrow.  There are also those who know they will have a wondrous day and those  who really don’t care.  Then there are those that KNOW their day will be awesome!  So how do they KNOW that their day will be awesome? They KNOW because they are awesome and they create their own lives.

These people may not have a date for tomorrow; they may be struggling to put food on the table or have to walk 2 miles to work everyday.  These people might live in a mansion and have three cars.  The point is that their material life doesn’t matter.  They are grateful for what they have and they know how to change their life:  do something differently.

It is truly amazing to me how many people say they want a better life, but they continue to do the same thing day after day and never change a thing.  Then they whine and cry and ask the Universe WHY?  Simple answer:  You want something different in your life, then do something different?

I am sure many of you are saying, but I am so tired when I come home from work or I don’t have time to meditate etc….  whatever excuse you think you have.  So I am suggesting you start out simply.  Try smiling all the way to work one day and maybe hum your favorite song.  Actually a great song to raise your spirits is by the Beatles,  “All you need is love”.  That song is actually truer than you may believe.   All you need is to love yourself and your world will begin to look like roses on a dreary day.  Your birthright is love.  Others may not love you as you want, but you cannot control others.  You can only control your own emotions and feelings.  You can allow others to take your power and make you mad or upset, but you are the one allowing it.  So feel the feeling and get beyond it and do what you have to do to feel better.  Start believing in yourself.

You can also tell yourself how pretty you are as you look in the mirror or how gorgeous your hair is.  None of these things take extra time.   They take commitment and belief. I have been there when I did not believe these things about myself so I know it can be done!  You might not believe everything you say at first to yourself, but give it some time and the more you smile and believe in yourself, the more it will come true.  Or maybe you need a new job.  How many resumes have you sent out this week?  Jobs don’t come knocking at your door.  Want change, do something different.

So if you are home alone on Valentine’s Day, call up some friends and break out a bottle of champagne and celebrate your friendships.  If no friends are around, take a warm bath and drink the champagne by yourself and journal about what you will change this year so you are not alone next year if that is your wish.  In my opinion, you are with the best love of your life anyway:  yourself!

I know I have rambled on some tonight, but I truly hope that if you are reading this that you realize that you are an awesome being just by being alive!  And if you don’t, change one thing and your life will begin to change.   Need help, email me for a free consultation   Also FOLLOW this blog by clicking that big black FOLLOW bottom on the right.   Have comments on things you would like me to elaborate on or blog about?  Then please comment below please.


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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

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