How to De-Clutter: Love it or Leave it?

Many of you are thinking:  Of course I know how to de-clutter.  But do you really?  Why are you still cluttered?  The most “famous” way that I have heard of doing it is it to go through, for example, your closet.  If you have not used something in a year, then it goes. Well if you live where there are 4 seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter) that system just doesn’t work.  To remedy this:  the professionals tell you to put the items that you have not used, and don’t think you will, into a box and label it “MAYBE”?  If in another year, you still have not used the item, then it goes.  Wrong!  You end up going through the box thinking:  I might use that or that in the future….  been there – right?

So what other ideas are there?   Next comes the big question:  Do I need it?  Well in reality, we don’t NEED most of what we have so why not give it all away?   You see the problem in that approach?  Then come all the other suggestions and questions:

  • Might you use it in a year?  If so, keep it and next year ask yourself the same thing. You might have something for a decade because you MIGHT use it.  It is true mini skirts are back and if I am into “vintage” and have my 25 year old skirts, I am elated!  But am I going to hold onto something for 25 years just because the fashion may come back?  I think not.  There has to be another reason that I held onto it.
  • I could never afford it again!   So you have a barbecue grill sitting on your back porch collecting snow, dust, dirt and sun rays.  There are so many plants on it you can barely find it because you don’t use it.  Additionally you don’t enjoy barbecuing and it has been there for 5 years.  Why?  Because you could never afford one again. Right? Wrong.  First of all, who knows whether you will be able to afford another one again or not unless you work at keeping yourself in the same financial situation you are in right now?   Why not create a better financial situation in the future and sell that barbecue grill that is being a plant holder since you don’t even like barbecuing?
  • It has so many memories….    I am not suggesting that you throw away things with memories but to ask yourself:  are these good or bad memories?   Or are you holding onto something because they might be valuable in the future?   Honestly, most of the things that I was told would be valuable later on in life, have not been because our spiritual lives are moving way quicker than our society is.
  • I have one more idea that you may have been told before.  If it doesn’t fit in the house, then it goes.  Well you could get that 5th shed for more stuff…..  (I really wish I could tape this and you could see how it goes in my mind as I read this aloud!)  And of course we all need at least one shed for the garden tools and then we can add so much that we cannot walk into it.

Ok – I see you are getting confused here  But aren’t these all ways that others have indicated that you can de-clutter?  And yet you still have the clutter, so something else is in the way.

Excuses – how many of you say, “But there isn’t enough time” or “I’ll get to it tomorrow” or “It is not really in my way.”  These are great excuses.   Take for example, piles of paper.  How long does it take you to go through them all to find what you need?  Or, the infamous email In-Box…. do you subscribe to so many emails that it takes you an hour to answer and sift through?  These are all taking up time space in your life.  So I suggest get rid of all these time zappers and start enjoying what you really want to have in your life. And here’s how!

One question:  Do you Love it?  Exactly, Do You Love It?  I have some Native American pottery that I bought on a trip many years ago that I keep.  Why?  I have good memories of my trip but that is not why.   I have to dust around it all the time so it is not time effective.   I don’t use it.   I don’t need it.  So why?  Simple:  I LOVE THEM!  So they stay and I dust and I am happy.  How many things do you have around the house that do not make you happy?   Maybe you have clothes you no longer use just sitting there ready to go somewhere.  And if the clothes could talk, they would say: “Person, we are tired of sitting here and being neglected and abandoned.  We want to go somewhere that we are loved! Would you please get over your personal stuff and do something with us!?!”

So there you have it:  the clothes have spoken!

So if you don’t love it, consider carefully why you have it.    If you begin to find patterns that keep you from getting rid of your clutter and you just cannot seem to get beyond them, schedule a free phone consultation with me by emailing   To receive more free tid bits along the way, click that Black FOLLOW button on the right under “Follow Blog By Email” and don’t miss out on any of my blog posts.  

Let’s take this statue for example that I have.  It is 7 inches tall so cannot be used as a coat rack and jewelry slides right off.  It does make for a good door stop, but I don’t NEED that where I am living.  It is chipped and has a few cracks.  Worthless right?  OK, is marble so could be a big paperweight.  Ugh – too big.  But I LOVE IT!  So it stays.   From now on, ask yourself one question:  do you love it?  If not, sell or give away and watch the clutter dissipate and your happiness begin to soar!
blog statue 02 03 16 2016-02-03 003 (403x640)

Love it or Leave it!

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Author: Enchanted Rose Intuitive Counseling

MA in psychology, PhD in Parapsychic Science, hypnotherapist and certified Spiritual Awakening Counselor here to help you move your energy blocks to have a totally awesome life!

6 thoughts on “How to De-Clutter: Love it or Leave it?”

  1. Do I love it? A great question! Now it is just getting the energy to go thru stuff, then to donate the stuff I don’t want to throw away…


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